Looking for the best girlfriend gifts in 2016?  You have come to the right place.  Welcome to our website.  We provide information and advice about the best gifts for your girlfriend that you may or may not have heard of, and may or may not have thought of, but which she will love.   We purposely do not focus on the obvious best gifts for girlfriends because the last thing she likely wants is the obvious choice.  Instead we cover the best girlfriend gifts that are a little more thoughtful and creative, he type that she will appreciate that you went the extra mile to research.  Our goal is to help you make her happy with your choice.

Best Gifts for girlfriends guide

The choice of gifts for girlfriends can be vast, yet sometimes it feels like there are just not enough choices.  You know the categories, from jewelry to clothing to cosmetics but choosing something within each category, or something a little different, can present a challenge.  How can you choose the best girlfriend gifts without asking her first, or asking her friend who will likely tell her that she, the friend, actually picked it out not you.  We want you to get all the credit for what you buy.  Coming to this site is just another piece of research you did along the way, and that time and effort will be appreciated.  You’ll still need to think about her unique personality, likes and dislikes, and what makes her smile, but hopefully we’ll present you with enough choices or maybe just ideas to take elsewhere in your search.

Categories of Best Gifts for Girlfriend

There are many occasions for which you may be looking for the best girlfriend gifts, and we try to navigate getting a perfect present for each occasion.  After all, she may have different ideas in mind if it is your anniversary than if it is her birthday.  Thus we’ve broken our website down into categories related to events:

Best Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend:

This page covers the best girlfriend gifts for Christmas (and of course Hanukkah and other December holidays).  These presents for your girlfriend may have a winter or festive theme, but will still be something she cherishes.  The idea with our best girlfriend gifts forChristmas is to present ideas that will be described as “perfect holiday gifts” and also exactly what she wanted!

Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend:

These may be the highest risk/reward type presents you need to buy for your girlfriend.  The stakes are high since this particular day is all about her.  You need to hit the mark with your best girlfriend birthday gifts choice and we can help.  The presents we’ve chosen here are unique, memorable, and special, perfect for her special day.

Best Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend:

This day is a celebration of the two of you and your affection for her.  You need to show you understand that with you present for her, so you have to choose the best girlfriend anniversary gifts possible.  We can help you choose that perfect gift for her that helps you celebrate her and your relationship, and carries the meaning of your day in a way she will truly appreciate.

Best Cute Gifts for Girlfriend:

Sometimes you just need to buy her a gift to show you care and to brighten her day.  There may not be an event surrounding this type of gift but they can still be so important.  Here we can help you choose among the best cute girlfriend gifts for her when you want to surprise her, brighten her day, or celebrate her.

How We Choose the Best Girlfriend Gifts

There are many choices out there as far as potential gifts for her special day or your special day together.  So how do we choose the best girlfriend gifts, the ones that rise to the top?  Our methods are actually simple, yet they manage to give you the best choices as far as potential gifts for girlfriend, yet not the most expensive or fancy.  Here are the three factors we use in deciding which ideas might be the best gifts for her

Best Girlfriend Gifts need to be unique

She wants to know that you did not follow the crowd.  And given that you are at our niche site, that you took the time to search for the best girlfriend gift ideas and landed at a place that works hard to provide you with the top ideas, you’ve already shown your motivation.  Now on our pages that follow you will find not just the best gifts for girlfriend, but gifts that are highly unique and will therefore be seen as quite special and hand-picked.

An example of a unique gift: A beautiful crystal necklace:


The Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend need to be useful

You could go in one direction and buy gifts for her that are almost purely romantic and beyond looking great and sending a romantic message they do not have much use.  Or you could go in the other direction and buy gifts for her that are incredibly practical.  We want to help you find those potential best gifts for girlfriend that sit somewhere in between – practical enough that she will use it all year-round and think of you each time she does, yet romantic enough that they shoe your love.

Does she carry a water bottle? She might love a fruit infuser:

The Best Girlfriend Gifts need to be valuable

You know your competition out there, and you know that they might spend a fortune on their girlfriend.  We do not want you to have to spend a week’s pay on gifts for her, but we want you to get the best girlfriend gifts that look like you did.  Our choices will do just that.

This rose was dipped in 24 Karat gold and you can get it in her favorite color:

The Best Girlfriend Gifts need to be romantic

Most girls want thoughtfulness and romance, so your best gift for your girlfriend needs to make her think of you and the affection between you. Romance is something some boyfriends can just do naturally, while others may struggle. Buying a gift that is romantic is one thing we can all do!

How about this awesome jar of inspirational quotes?

Of course more than that goes into our choices of the best gifts for girlfriend, and some of the smaller criteria we might use at times includes leaving out gifts that have become so popular that they may no longer seem original, choosing gifts that fit the particular occasion, and using our own experience and feedback submitted by our visitors like you.  In the end you will hopefully find meaningful gift ideas for her that will make her realize that you truly put thought and effort into the choice.  The best girlfriend gifts may not be the obvious or popular ones, and that is why she’ll be so happy!

Our Aim at Best Girlfriend Gifts

We hope to provide you with information and a buyer’s guide to the best girlfriend gifts for many occasions or just because.  We have sorted our website into categories, listing the top gifts for her in many popular categories, but you may want to browse through all the pages to see whether one of our best gifts for girlfriend might be fitting on a different occasion.  In other words, our nest Christmas gifts for girlfriend page does not necessarily have all holiday-themed gifts on it, and instead may have some more general gifts that may be appropriate and well received at any time of year or any occasion.  That said, we have tried to fit the best girlfriend gifts into categories that seem to go along with certain holidays and occasions.

With so many websites out there that say they are offering the best gifts for her, our aim is to provide different ideas in different categories, as opposed to sticking with one type of present.  Where an online store may only be able to suggest certain specific best girlfriend gifts in their own product line-up, we choose gifts from many different types of category.  This way you can hopefully choose the best gift for her that is the perfect fit and not one that just happens to be at the particular store you choose.  One thing you may want to do is run our idea by someone who knows her well and perhaps is also female and can really help you decide which of our best girlfriend gift ideas are most fitting and would be something she would love to receive.

Other Best Girlfriend Gift Resources

Other good sites covering the best gift ideas for girlfriends include:

  1. This Top 10 List of Gifts Girlfriends Want from College Magazine
  2. This long list from The Huffington Post about great gifts for girlfriends.
  3. You can also turn to social media for ideas, such as the Girlfriend Birthday Gift ideas board at Pinterest.

Your Feedback at Best Girlfriend Gifts

We also hope you might return and give us (and our visitors feedback – was gift for her you chose truly worthy of being on a list of best girlfriend gifts, or did it not hit the mark.  We plan on updating and perfecting our website often, leading to our being able to truly offer the best gifts for her that we can possible offer, and therefore earning a return visit from you when the next occasion that calls for one of the best gifts for girlfriend arises.  We want her to wonder how you have managed to get so good at picking the best gifts for her!

We would love to know how we did and how she reacted to the gift you chose.  Did we hit the mark when we called it one of the “best girlfriend gifts”, or did we fall short.  Your feedback about the best gifts for your girlfriend will help us perfect the choices we suggest and ensure that we can truly offer a valuable service.  Of course we will work your feedback into subsequent updates to the pages of our website.

Thanks for choosing to visit, and best of luck as you choose among the best girlfriend gifts!