Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

What are the best anniversary gifts for your girlfriend?  Of course anniversaries mark your time together and the specialness of the fact that your relationship has lasted exactly this long.  She will want something memorable and romantic, and you could almost just turn to our “best romantic gifts” page for ideas.  But what are some of the best girlfriend anniversary gifts that are a little more specific to this day?  We offer some guidance and some ideas.

Our choices for best anniversary gifts for girlfriends

The following are a few choices we have made from Amazon as far as the best girlfriend anniversary gifts. These may hit the mark for you, or they may give you other ideas. We’ve chosen those gifts that have high ratings, and when possible specifically high ratings from those who bought these anniversary gifts for their girlfriend.

Let us know how we did picking these potential best girlfriend anniversary gifts, and of course please share with us and our readers other anniversary gifts for your girlfriend that went over well.

If these presents do not seem like a perfect fit, or you want to make sure that you chose the gift yourself, here is some guidance about buying the best anniversary gift for your girlfriend, based on how much time you’ve been together.

Best Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend, Short Time

We start with advice about the best gifts for girlfriends on quick anniversaries, such as one month, 3 months, or six months.  At these shorter times you probably don’t want to overdo it, but you do want to show that you were thinking of her and wanting to mark your relationship.  Some things to keep in mind as you look for the best anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend are:

  1. You don’t necessarily want or need to spend a ton of money, but rather you want to be particularly thoughtful about the match between the gift and the occasion.  Is there something special about the particular day you met, or way you met?  What is the most fun thing you have done together?  What routines have you developed together?
  2. Look for gifts for your girlfriend on your anniversary together that fall into a category related to what she likes in a gift – is she romantic, practical, or somewhere in between?  Will she want something flashy that she can show off, or meaningful that she can put away to have in the future when she is thinking of you?
  3. Aside from the best girlfriend gifts for your anniversary, also think about the delivery.  Regardless of the gift itself you can gain (or lose) points for how it is given.  Would she like it delivered to her work to be a surprise in front of her work friends, or would she prefer to receive it directly from you later on?  Would she like it perfectly wrapped and surrounded by flowers, or would she prefer walking in and seeing it in front of her?

But what if you and your girlfriend have been together much longer than a few months?  The next section will help with that

Best Girlfriend Anniversary Gifts, Long Time

If you have been together a year or longer you need to do something even more special to mark the important anniversay.  Overdoing it is not the problem when it comes to anniversary gifts for your girlfriend; in fact there is a greater chance that you might under do it.  Look for something that not only marks the time but is personal and unique.  Some guidelines:

  1. You still don’t have to spend much money, but you do need to be very careful to find something truly unique that really fits her and the occasion.   You may have to do more than you did at 3 or 6 months, but still anniversary gifts need to be more meaningful than expensive.  Think about what makes the two of you unique, and what you are looking forward to.
  2. Be careful as always but you can drift a little further into practical now that your relationship is better established.  Is there something thoughtful that she also truly needs?  We’re not talking about oil changes or socks here, but a portable speaker or sunglasses may be okay.  She will want to show people what you got her and give her wonderful boyfriend credit, so something nice and a little cool is perfect.
  3. Once again delivery is important too.  Especially with longer term gifts you don’t have to worry as much that you are overdoing it or embarrassing her too much.  Her work friends know about you and have probably met you.  Her neighbors know about her relationship.  So go ahead and make a splash with the delivery.

Additional girlfriend anniversary gift tips

Here are a few additional tips when it comes to getting your girlfriend an anniversary gift:

  1. Don’t necessarily stick to obvious anniversaries.  You could mark the anniversary of the first time you met, even if you didn’t date right away.  Or you could mark the anniversary of your first real date even if you were courting much earlier than that.  Maybe you want to mark four months together because her favorite number is 4.
  2. There is nothing wrong with a gift that gives to you both.  In other words, preparing a nice meal for both of you, or buying toickets to a sporting event can be great ideas and you will enjoy them too.  You may, however, want to throw in something just for her, like flowers or her favorite candy.
  3. Ask her friends what she might like as far as the best anniversary gift for her.  This solves two potential hang-ups.  First, if you’ve only been together a short time you may not know what her past boyfriends have given her, and you’ll likely want to avoid those anniversary gifts for her.  Second, she will appreciate the thought you put into your choice.
  4. The place you choose to buy the anniversary gift for your girlfriend matters on two levels.  First, she likely has a favorite store or two and the fact that you bothered to know that will boost her appreciation.  Second, if you choose a store with the best logistics – return policy for example – you can make sure she gets what she wants.

Best Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriends Conclusion

As you can see, there is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing the best girlfriend anniversary gifts.  Factors that can help you choose include how long you’ve been together, the degree to which she likes practical vs romantic gifts, and what the season is.  You can be quite thoughtful with your choice, and that may be what counts the most.

Please feel free to come back and share what anniversary gift you chose for your girlfriend and how it went over.  Include details if you’d like as far as how you found it and how you presented it.  Your opinions are just as important as ours, so we hope that all of our readers can learn from each other as well as us.  Here is one more round of potential choices, in the practical category:

Best of luck in whatever anniversary gifts for your girlfriend you choose!