Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

Are you looking for the best birthday gifts for girlfriend?  You know she’s counting in you to be thoughtful and aware of what she might like, and depending on your girlfriend she may not care how much you spend as long as you get the type of gift right.  The best birthday gift ideas for girlfriend do not have to be expensive, nor do they have to be hard to get.  Instead they must e a perfect fit for her and show how much you truly care.  She needs to see how thoughtful you were about her special day – and unlike holidays this day is truly hers and hers alone, so you really need to show how much you care.  But that does not necessarily mean you need to spend a ton of money.  Instead you just need to show that you really put thought into buying something unique and special for her on her big day.  We want to help you choose the best birthday presents for girlfriend, and we’ve broken things down into categories with examples.

Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend: Romantic choices

Does your girlfriend love romance and affection?  Does she want you to express yourself better and show her that you affectionately care for her?  If this would be an important characteristic of the best birthday gifts for girlfriend you could buy then you should go with something sweet and emotional, but not over the top.  You want to be a little subtle so it does not look like you went too far with your choice, but you also want to be clear that you but a lot of emotion into your choice. Romance may not come as naturally to some men as it does to women, and that may be especially true when it comes to talking about love and affection.  But choosing from the best romantic birthday gift ideas for girlfreind gives you a chance to demonstrate the affection you feel without having to talk about it!  And of course it goes without saying that there may be benefits to you when you choose one of the best romantic birthday presents for her!

So what does this mean as far as your choices?  Here are some specifics:

  • Clothing is not romantic, but bedtime clothing is, as is something that she would specifically wear on a romantic evening with you
  • Flowers or candy is also not by itself romantic because they are so stereotypical, but if you go a step beyond and get a unique type of flower that seems to fit her personality, or you make the candy yourself, you may be on to something
  • You can do practical and romantic as long as you make sure that the use she would make of the gift is personal, unique and cute
  • Romance is in the eye of the beholder, so make sure you pay attention to what she finds romantic perhaps in movies and on TV

Best Birthday Presents for Girlfriend: Sporty Choices

When it comes to sports, either playing them or watching them, is your girlfriend a true athlete or fan?  Does she love a certain team or sport, and would want you to notice that and show that you were paying attention to her interests.  The best birthday gifts for girlfriend fit in this category are not hard to find, but the incredible amount of choices may actually present a challenge in picking the perfect birthday gift ideas for girlfriend. Think about her favorite team or the sport she loves to play.  Does she want to show that off to the world?  But at the same time she may want the gift to be more cute than genuine – in other words, she may not need a perfect replica jersey that looks tailored for a man, but instead a woman’s version that might be more fashionable and fit better.  One of the great things about the best birthday presents for girlfriend is that they truly show you’ve been listening and that you care about what she talks about – make sure you get exactly the right sport and perhaps exactly the right player when you are choosing the best birthday gifts for girlfriend in the sporty category.

Some specifics about sporty choices as far as birthday gift ideas for girlfriend:

  • Some girls like their sports gifts in girly colors, while others want the natural colors they come in, like team colors.  Make sure you know her preference.
  • Does she like the team, the sport, or the person?  Make sure your gift matches her preference.
  • Make sure you go for something that has high quality – sporty is not a category to skimp on quality

Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend: Practical Choices

Before we dive into this category we offer this disclaimer: You need to be sure that your girlfriend will appreciate a practical gift, so the first decision point is whether this is even a category that you should consider.  Many girlfriends actually look forward to something that is on the practical side in general, and others perhaps those who may be short on money at the time may feel like you are being thoughtful with this type of choice.  And sometimes “practical” can be quite thoughtful, and there can be an overlap with some of our other categories.  All of that said, be careful with this category because she might miss the romance and affection that comes with the other types.

Some specific suggestions for practical birthday presents for girlfriend include:

  • Does she have a hobby, or just an activity that brings her pleasure and needed distraction?  Maybe a present that fits with that would be appreciated
  • Does she love her car, her bike, or another possession?  Can you get her something that fixes it up or makes it a little better?
  • Is there something she mentions that she wants to buy herself but she never quite wants to spend the money?

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend: Cute Choices

Maybe you don’t want to go all out on the romantic side as far as the birthday gifts for girlfriend, but you don’t want to go too practical as well.  You want something that will make her smile and be memorable, but not something that will break the bank.  How about a cute birthday gift for her, something that is relatively small and intimate but will make her smile and appreciate your deep thoughtfulness?  Cute birthday gift ideas for girlfriend have all of those qualities and can really go far in showing her how much you want her to smile and how thoughtful you were.  These are the small gifts that go a long way.  The best cute birthday presents for girlfriend are the ones that may have something to do with an inside joke the two of you have, or something you are both interested in, or maybe relate to a hobby or interest of hers.  One way or another the best cute birthday gifts for her will truly hit the spot and make her smile widely.

Some specific suggestions about cute gifts for girlfriend:

  • This is of course a hard category so its one you may want to run your choice by her friend or at least a woman friend of yours first
  • If your cute gift is not practical that is okay, but in that case do not spend too much or she may be turned off
  • The presentation is important with a cute gift – add to the cuteness with how you wrap or present it


Above are just a few examples of the possible best birthday presents for girlfriend that can really hit the spot and make her feel special.  Her birthday is her day, important to her and not a day where her friends are also getting gifts so she will want to show off your love and affection.  People will ask her what you got her and she’ll want to be proud and excited to tell them.  Choosing the best birthday gifts for her does not need to be complicated but you do need to put some thought into the choice.  We are here to make sure that you can be thoughtful without having to spend too much time.  Let us know how we did – if you chose any of our examples, let us know if they were in fact the best birthday gifts for girlfriend!