Best Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend

The best romantic gifts for girlfriend can be perfect at any time of year, yet you may not know exactly what the best romantic gift ideas for girlfriend might be, given how difficult it is to get this particular category right for many guys.  Flowers or chocolates are easy, but they are also a little plain and some girls may find that not enough thought went into that choice, and therefore they may not be the best romantic gifts for girlfriend even if she does happen to love chocolate and flowers.  We want to help you choose the best romantic gifts ideas for her, or at least help you harrow your choices and gather your own ideas.  Again, we do not focus on a certain holiday where romance may be called for, like Valentine’s Day for example, since the very best in romance is often achieved when a romantic gift for her is given just because.

We start with some of our favorite potential romantic gifts for your girlfriend:

Best Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend Categories

Maybe you want to narrow the list of best romantic gifts for your girlfriend.  Here are some potential categories:

Best Romantic Gifts for girlfriend, practical

Perhaps your girlfriend likes romance but also wants or needs something practical.  She would love to get something that is purely romantic, but at the same time might like something that she can actually use after that special day.  Maybe you both are on a tight budget so a purely romantic gift would take too much away from what is necessary.  Or maybe she is just practical and would feel the romance if a gift was thoughtful even if more practical.  One way or another she would lean against gifts like flowers which are time-limited.  Here are a few ideas:

How about a pink tool set, feminine and pretty like her, but definitely practical!

Best romantic gifts for girlfriend, funny

Maybe she would like a dash of humor along with her romantic gift.  Does she want to both laugh and also feel the love.  Some of the best romantic gifts for your girlfriend can also make her laugh.  You can be thoughtful and also funny.  She’ll call her friends and they’ll laugh too, and each time she sees the gift or thinks about it she’ll smile.  Funny romantic girlfriend gifts may not be for everyone, but your girlfriend may be someone who you know would love one. 

How about “I love you” toilet paper?

Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend, pure romance

Now we get to the category that is different from the first two.  Perhaps your girlfriend wants you to pour on the romance.  She is not looking for something practical or funny, but really wants that gift that is truly romantic.  You’ll need to be thoughtful and the gift will need to have meaning.  You best romantic girlfriend gift will have to fit the two of you well, and make her smile – and she’ll want her friends to smile too when she tells them about it. 

How about this beautiful keepsake:

Choosing the Best Romantic Gifts for Your Girlfriend

If you are still reading then so far none of the best romantic gift ideas for girlfriend ideas have matched what you feel she will like best.  Let’s dig in deeper and start by understanding what qualities a potential romantic gift for girlfriend must have.  It is not easy to choose one of the best romantic gift ideas for her until you truly understand what the chosen gift must be like, and how it will be received.  However, with an understanding of what would make for one of the best romantic gifts for girlfriend you can really understand what to choose, whether you take our suggestions below or not.  Here are some of our hints:

  • First, any present that will fall into the best romantic gifts for girlfriend category must be personal and unique, considering that your romance is personal and unique.  Think of what makes your relationship unique – how you met, what you like to do together, your favorite place to go, etc.  Then also think about what makes her unique – her favorite foods, activities, sports teams, etc.
  • Second, any of the best romantic gifts for her must show that you truly care and want to get close to her.  Make it personal and also perhaps something that you can do together or enjoy together, or that you both can benefit from in some way.  She wants to know you love her, and also that you want to be with her above all else, and the best romantic gifts for girlfriend demonstrate that.
  • Finally, any one of the best romantic gift ideas for her must show a deeper level of thoughtfulness.  They cannot be what other boyfriends get her friends, or what the stereotype of what the best romantic gifts for her are.  They truly have to be unique to hit the spot as the best romantic gifts for girlfriend.

What is great about this category is that the best romantic gift ideas for girlfriend do not need to break the bank – they can be less expensive and still fit all the above categories.  This one is about the uniqueness and thoughtfulness, and not about how much you spent.  Your choices may be influenced by how naturally you are romantic yourself, and also how well you know her romantic side.  If you are low in either, it can sometimes be helpful to get the guidance and advice of a friend of hers, or someone who knows romance better than you.  No worries if she finds out you needed help – that could be something she finds cute and/or admirable.

Best Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend: Ideas

Her are some other potential ideas for the best romantic gifts for girlfriend


Best Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend Summary

As you can see, the best romantic gift ideas for girlfriend do not need to be expensive and they don’t even necessarily have to be hugely romantic in the traditional sense.  Rather, the best romantic gifts for your girlfriend have to show that you really thought about her and thought about your relationship.  These gifts need to make her smile and they need to be memorable.  Most of all there needs to be a fit between the gift idea and what she likes, whether she is practical or not, whether she prefers something funny or something serious.

In some ways you cannot go wrong with any of the ideas above, since with romantic gifts for girlfriend it truly often is the thought that counts.  Here is some additional information and advice about choosing the best romantic girlfriend gifts:

Let us know how you did with any of these or any other choice for the best romantic gifts for girlfriend!