Best Tan Through Swimwear

We want to help you choose the best tan through swimwear.  These products are gaining in popularity and interest.  But that does not mean everyone is sold on the idea and the products.  So how can you find the best tan through swimwear or clothing?  There are many ways which we cover on this page, though none can take the place of trying one out or at least talking to someone who did buy tan thru swimsuits and can tell you how they worked.  That said, we do want to give you some of the more compelling reasons to make sure you find the best tan through swimwear products.

Reasons to find the best Tan Through Swimwear

The reasons to find the best tan through swimwear and clothing may seem obvious, but there are some lesser known and lesser considered reasons that we wanted to provide that may put you over the top as far as the potential purchase of these products.  This is not an exhaustive listing, but it is some of the information about the best tan through swimwear that may not be as obvious and you may not know.  We invite anyone who bought or otherwise tried tan through swimsuits or clothing to add to our list of the reasons to buy in the comments section below.

The best tan though swimwear material

The best tan through swimwear products are made of lightweight Microsol fabric which keeps you cooler than conventional suits, so regardless of the fact that you are tanning you might still like the added comfort.  As we’ve said, the fact that this fabric is light can confuse people into thinking that they are only providing tan through capability because they are thin, but they are not see though just because the fabric is light.  The tan through swimsuits material is also generally soft and comfortable to wear, in some cases even more than conventional suits.  You may enjoy wearing your tan thru swimsuits indoors at an indoor pool for example, even if they are not letting the sun’s rays in.

The best tan through swimwear and performance

Besides the sun’s rays, the best tan through swimwear allows water to pass through easier, increasing hydrodynamic performance!  They also dry fairly quickly when you get out of the water.  These factors make them quite functional beyond their primary purpose.  The best tan through swimwear also helps you stay dry on hot summer days because they ventilate easily.  You may find that you do not sweat as much in this type of swimwear, and that you cool off more quickly after activity.  Despite the high-tech tan thru swimsuits technology, these bathing suits are machine washable, though its better not to machine dry them (no matter – they’ll air dry very quickly!).  You do not have to worry about having a new type of clothing that requires a completely different method of care.

The best tan through swimsuits and fashion

These bathing suits are attractively designed and hold onto their colors wash after wash so you do not sacrifice fashion.  This is one area that some people get concerned about because some of the patterns on tan through swimsuits are quite bright and vivid, and you’ll want to know that those patterns will not fade.  There are a huge variety of styles of tan through swimsuits material, and these suits are made for both men and women.  This is definitely one of the advances that tan thru swimsuits have made over time, with more choices now available for both men and women.

The best tan through swimwear and price

Even the best tan through swimwear is not much more expensive that traditional swimwear.  Another major positive change is that tan thru swimsuits, while not an inexpensive as swimwear you might find on the lower end of prices, is not much if anything more expensive than designer or other higher end swimwear.  Beware of particularly cheap tan thru swimwear though, because it may not have the high quality technology behind its fabric.

Tan Through Swimwear Drawbacks

While we find that there are many positives about tan thru swimsuits, there are also several drawbacks even to the best tan through swimwear that, to be fair, should be mentioned here.  In all cases they may not be enough to change your mind about buying these products, but they may be enough to change how many you buy, how much you spend, or how you generally approach this purchase.  In addition, these drawbacks may be helpful to keep in mind as you consider your expectations regarding your tan through swimsuits purchase.  There are three potential negatives you should know:

  1. Tan through swimsuits are more expensive than traditional swimwear, so if you are on a budget or want to be frugal with your swimwear purchase this may not be the type of product for you.  You truly have to balance how badly you want to be tan with whether you want to spend more money on tan thru.  Again, be careful if you do see cheap tan thru swimwear because it may not be the same quality as the real product.
  2. Tan thru swimsuits may not be ideal if you get a sunburn relatively easily.  You will be letting the sun’s rays in where you are usually covered up, and these areas of your body may get sunburned even more easily than others.  Of course you can certainly apply sunblock but for some the effects of the tan thru swimsuit when you have sunblock on will mitigate the positives you were looking for with the product.
  3. There are more fashion choices with tan thru swimsuits, but you still will not have quite as many choices as you do with traditional swimwear.  If you want to be sure to choose fashion over tanning, and you are very picky about what the styles and colors you need in a bathing suit or bikini are, you may find yourself going the traditional route.

Tan Through Swimwear to Avoid

There are basically two types of tan through products on the market today.  One type allows you to tan through your bathing suit, bikini, or cover up due to very small holes in the material that let the sun in in an even manner as you naturally move around.  This is the primary material we cover here.  However, there are also tan through bathing suits that do not use this advanced technology and instead merely provide such a thin fabric that the sun’s rays may be able to get through.  These alternatives may work to some degree, but we do not favor them because:

  1. These tan through products tend to be very flimsy and therefore not durable.  The material is purposely thin, and cannot be to strong if its going to naturally let the sun’s rays in.
  2. These thin tan through bathing suits and bikinis can often be seen through either right away or after some usage.  Again, the material has to be so thin that the sun’s rays come right in, but thinness goes two ways!
  3. The tan you get with these products can be uneven because the material itself is not uniform.  Any bathing suit needs to have support in some areas, and you might not ta through there.

With tan through swimwear you get what you pay for, and paying less for a thinner fabric that claims to allow you to tan through will not be worthwhile in the long run.  Patents are incredibly valuable, and there is a reason why companies hold on to them so tightly – the alternatives just do not work nearly as well.  Look for original tan through bathing suits that have been around a while and have some history of success.  We will only choose these successful products that use real tan through material in the ads we allow to show up on our site.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Tan Thru Swimwear

So how to choose the best tan through swimwear for you?  There are several steps we suggest so that you get the best product for the best price:

1. Look for a retailer of tan through swimwear that has been around for a while and has always specialized in tan thru swimwear.  This will mean that they have kept up with the various advances in this fashion technology, and that they may have the consumer base to ensure adequate selection and price.

2. Speaking of selection, you want to choose a retailer that seems to have many styles of tan through swimsuits.  You may really like your initial order and that will lead you back for more.  But you don’t want to find out that that store only covers a minimal amount of product and so you have to start your search again.

3. Look for a solid return policy.  We are not suggesting that you will somehow be likely to return your product, or at least any more likely to return this type of product vs. a regular bathing suit, but you do want to be sure that the retailer has the confidence to offer a full money back guarantee.

4. Now look at price and compare it to others.  Even the best tan through swimwear should be no more expensive than high-end regular swimwear.  You should look around for the best price as long as you are not sacrificing too much from numbers 1-3.  You may even find the same brands at different stores for different prices.

5. Finally look for added costs, such as shipping and handling, that may make a difference between retailers.  And see whether they have any type of loyalty program or other way for you to save money in the long run.  You may be able to find coupons online for the store, or the store itself may offer specials.

These are the main steps to follow if you are looking for the best tan through swimwear deal you can get.  Often finding out what others who were happy with their product purchased is the best way to go, and you may be able to find some of this information at swimwear forums if you do not have friends who have bought them.

When to Find the Best Tan Through Swimwear

You may be wondering if buying an extra suit or two this year is a good idea. You may be thinking that perhaps prices will go down, fashion will go up, or the technology behind tan through material will improve by next spring.

Our advice is to buy the best tan through swimwear now if the price has come down in a mid-summer sale. And remember, we have no stake in your choice, and do not profit either way. So why do we suggest that you go ahead and buy tan thru bathing suits or other beachwear now despite the above concerns? Basically, unlike years past the tan through bathing suit technology is about as advanced as it will get, and there is enough competition in the marketplace that price competition is already happening. The suits already look great, and you can certainly be picky if you want.

We do see some potential for lower prices next year when other manufacturers and stores come on-line, driven by the growing popularity of tan through swimwear, but will those lower prices be lower than what a mid-summer tan thru sale might offer? Perhaps not, and its even possible that the price will go up because these bathing suits are so sought out.

Now of course not all tan through swimwear sales are the same, and you should be careful of sales that do not involve this year’s fashions or that do not lower prices all that much. Also be wary of tan thru sales that merely involve those bathing suits and bikinis that for whatever reason did not sell, as opposed to those where everything in the inventory is available.

What about at the end of the season?  The end of the season is often a great time to buy summer clothing in general, where sales and markdowns exist so that stores can clear the way for the next season’s fashions and styles.  So is now a great time to buy the best tan through swimsuits and clothing.  The short answer is yes, this is a great time to buy tan thru, but a longer answer makes things just a little more complicated.

Keep in mind that tan thru is actually a technology that allows you to tan through whatever you are wearing.  Thus, tan through swimwear is not just a piece of clothing like any other, but really wearable technology.  As with any technology, tan thru bathing suits could advance over time, and next year’s models could have slight improvements and upgrades over this year’s.  So that suggests waiting to buy?  Not so fast.

Many people are quite happy with tan through swimwear, and manufacturers would probably tell you that the technology is already quite advanced.  It is not clear whether tan thru needs an upgrade.  The usual upgrades in technology make something smaller, more effective, or cheaper.  In this case there is no need for tan through swimwear to get smaller, it already seems quite effective, and cheaper could be offset by these end of the year sales.  So it is unclear whether there would be any benefit in waiting for an upgrade.

Keeping everything else in mind that you usually would when it comes to a bathing suit – tan through or not – such as whether your size will change and whether your lifestyle will change enough to warrant more or less suits, it seems like a good sale on tan thru swimwear may be very much worth pursuing, with you perhaps hedging your best a little and leaving room for one purchase next spring.


We hope you might look into this new sportswear technology today. You will be amazed at the results and your only regret will be not looking into it sooner!  This section is designed to give you the information and advice you need to make the right purchase for you as far as the best tan thru swimsuits and clothing.  Of course our main focus is on tan thru swimsuits since they are the most popular and most sought out.  That said, while tan thru swimsuits may have led the way, there are many new innovations and products that have more recently entered the consumer market.  Thus you should visit other pages for the following information:

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Thanks once again for visiting, and we hope this section helps you choose the best tan through swimsuits for you!  We hope you might check back after your purchase and let us know how the best Tan Through Swimwear worked for you.