Mens Tan Through Swimwear

Mens Tan Through Swimwear and Clothing

Mens tan through swimwear is becoming increasingly popular.  Of course part of the reason is that tan through swimwear for men is more available and there is increased word of mouth.  Still, most of the products you see on this website and others are bikinis and one piece women’s swimwear.  The first products were in these niches so it is no surprise that they are most prominent.  In addition, since women have more to cover up, there is a greater need and desire for products that will allow an even bronze all over.  However, this is not to say that men do not want and often pursue mens tan through swim suits themselves.  In fact, mens tan thru swimwear may be the fastest growing area in this type of fashion technology.

Mens Tan Through Swimwear Overview

Mens tan thru swimwear allows men to be able to wear a fashionable and often quite long bathing suit while still tanning on the upper legs.  They do not want to have a tan line at their waste, and don’t want to have to pick out a bathing suit based on whether it will show tan lines.  Of course these tee shirts and tan tops are also very popular with men so that they can continue to be tanning even while covered up.  And the latest entry to the mens tan thru swimwear line-up are bandanas that allow a man with a shaved head to bronze on his head.

Basically we are finding that the tan thru movement is now not restricted to women’s fashions, and given the move that companies have made to produce swimwear that does not have to be tight to the skin and does not need a lot of extra care in washing and care, we will likely see more men accept and look for this choice.  In fact, give that men are just as interested in tanning as women we could see this choice really take off in the near future.  The question will be whether men will be any more or less likely to admit that they have decided to wear tan through swimwear for men option!

Mens Tan Thru Swimwear Advantages

As mens tan thru swimwear material gets more advanced, and amen notice the effects on women, we think that this area will take off.  Already tan through swimwear for men is durable, comfortable, and effective, and the only thing holding them back on the consumer market is interested and informed buyers.  There are specific benefits of mens tan through swimwear and clothing, including:

Mens Tan Through Swim Suits and Comfort

Not only does mens tan thru swim suits allow the man to get an all over bronze, but they are also quite cool and comfortable on a hot day, the holes in the material allowing a cool breeze in especially while the man is moving around.  Men tend to like this added comfort.  In fact, some men might prefer mens tan thru swimwear merely for its comfort and regardless of the ability at tanning.  Mens tan through swimwear might become very popular for those who are often active at the beach or pool, playing sports or otherwise moving around a lot.

The material in these mens tan through swim suits and t-shirts also dries quite quickly, so it adds the added comfort of being dry sooner than many traditional clothing a man might choose to wear outside and especially to the beach, lake, or pool.  For a guy who wants to play sports or go to as poolside bar with a dry bathing suit, this benefit of mens tan through swimwear can be very attractive.  Thus mens tan through swimwear may grow in use by those who like to take a dip but then participate in any number of dry land activities.

Mens Tan Thru Swimwear and Durability

Mens tan thru swimwear and t-shirts are durable and last, perhaps even longer than some traditional bathing suits and t shorts.  You know you are getting a well made product when you choose this type of material in most cases.  In other words, you can get all the benefits listed above without sacrificing durability.  Once again we hope that those who tried these types of products in the past before the technology was perfected, or when it just meant having flimsy material, will come back to the new lineup.

Of course mens tan thru swim suits and clothing allow for tanning even on cooler days, so men can work on their tanning even in a place or on a day when taking off their short is not feasible.  Men like to be dark as much as women do, and mens tan thru swimwear technology allows for that.  It may be that a product like a tee-shirt or tank top may become even more sought after by men than women, given how much men would like to be tanned when they take their short off.

Mens Tan Through Clothing

Finally, the added entries to the mens tan through swimwear lineup such as tank tops, bandanas, and shirts may even pass bathing suits in popularity, given that these items cover parts of the body that men truly want to be bronzed on.  Tan thru clothing could really take hold with men, and again, given the ease at which these choices can be washed and cared for there is no reason why people will not pursue them in the near future.

Disadvantages of Mens Tan Through Swimwear

Are there also disadvantages of mens tan through swimwear?  In some ways yes, including:

Mens Tan Through Swimwear and Expense

First this fashion technology tends to be more expensive, so especially when it comes to actual bathing suits men often have to decide if that relatively small area of extra tanning is worth the cost.  Men may be a little less willing to pay a lot for clothing anyway, and since regular bathing suits are usually not that expensive, they may not be as willing to buy them.  Keep in mind that good women’s bathing suits and bikinis are more expensive to begin with, so the difference between types is not as large.

Tan Through Swimwear for Men and availability

In addition, men tan through swimwear is a little harder to get since they often have to be ordered on-line, so both ease of buying them and also the lack of an ability to check the products out beforehand can be factors. And again, since men may not be quite as motivated since the area that they will tan thru is not nearly as large as that for women, it may be that these suits never fully catch on.  Then again, we expect that these products will get enough notice and attention that they could gradually become more available.

In all the disadvantages do not tend to dissuade people from buying these products, and once they try them and see that the advantages span more than the obvious ability to tan thru, they become a popular part of the beach wardrobe.

Care of Tan Through Swim Suits for Men

Some men are turned off by any care instructions that mean that doing laundry will take longer or be more complicated.  That said, care of mens tan through swimwear is not complicated and usually merely involves taking these suits out of the dryer and letting them (quickly) air dry instead.  As with any piece of clothing you may want to limit the number of washes as well, but that is easy because these bathing suits are work in and out of the water and therefore may stay relatively clean between washes.

In a related way, men need to make sure to take care of their skin.  Remember to use sunscreen when using one of these products, or you will increase your chances of more sunburns. Men may hear about this and it could be just enough to dissuade them from trying out the product in the first place.  This is quite a sensitive area to get a sunburn.

Other Tan Through Products for Men

Many men do not realize that tan through swimwear companies are also producing products for them as well. Tan through bathing suits for men are actually quite popular, even though men are not usually as concerned with being tan in places where traditional bathing suits cover. The men who do look into tan through swimwear want to have their entire leg tan despite the fact that their bathing suit goes down past their knees, or do not like the tan line that forms at their waist.  Thus tan through bathing suits are growing in popularity.

Of course tan through tee shirts are also quite popular with men for more obvious reasons, because men do like to be tan on their chest and back.   And, once again, this technology is so advanced at this point that you’d be unlikely to pick out the guy wearing it as opposed to the one not wearing it.  Men in particular may be sensitive to being found out as far as wearing tan through material, but there is truly nothing to worry about since it is indistinguishable.  Could tan through hats be next for the men who choose to go bald?  Or at least bandanas perhaps.

As more men take to tan through products we would expect to see the list of tan through items grow, along with the styles available.  It may even be that men lead the way when it comes to certain tan through fashion – for example tank tops and tee shirts made from tan through material have not yet become popular perhaps because women remain in their bathing suits for longer.  But if men suddenly begin to take to the idea of tanning while covered up, these products might take off.

As we mentioned in our last post, don’t forget sunblock under your tan through bathing suit or tee-shirt guys.

Mens Tan Through Swimwear Summary

We hope that men will notice and browse our site, or that the women who buy them gifts will, so that mens tan through swim suits can be something that both genders can enjoy and benefit from.  You may have even seen a man in this type of bathing suit and not even known it!  That is the best-selling point to many men who might otherwise be embarrassed by being found out as wearing a tanning product.  These mens tan thru swimwear products allow them to tan through are not obvious and will not give away their secret.

We hope you might be able to convince that man in your life to consider mens tan through swimwear, and if you are a man and you are reading this, perhaps you will take our advice and try this exciting line of products out.  And please feel free to let us know what you think after you try mens tan though swimwear for yourself!

We hope that men will discover tanning bathing suits and other clothing too, and perhaps invest in these products for their female companions as well.  As with most beachwear, this fashion technology is not gender specific and we aim to promote that fact.

Online reviews of tan through swimwear for men can be a great place to get information and advice.  We’ve found one about tan thru swimwear for men here.  We hope you will give your own reviews of mens tan through swimwear in our comments section.