Tan Through T-Shirts

A tan through t-shirt may be the perfect thing to allow you to get an all-over tan this summer. You will be able to wear your tan thru t shirt on days where it is not quite as warm, or in places where you cannot just wear swimwear. The following is a buyer’s guide to tan through t-shirts.  If you have already discovered tan through swimwear of another type, such as bathing suits and bikinis, you may be interested to know that you can also tan through at other times.

Tan Through T-Shirt Overview

What about tan through t-shirts? Much of the information on our site has more to do with swimwear such as bikinis and swim suits, but have there been advances or trends with regard to other things you can wear including tan through t-shirts. In our experience tan thru shirts in 2016 have stayed relatively stable as far as styles and availability, but more people are discovering the possibilities.

Men may have started to discover tan through t-shirts, and enjoyed the lack of tan lines. And tan through tee shirts may have resonated with people who want to be more covered up or who spend time away from the poll, lake or beach. Will this trend continue into fall, when tan through t-shirts could be attractive to those who discovered tan through swimwear in the summer?

Of course the main draw of a tan through t shirt is the fact that you can be covered up and still get an all over tan.  This may be necessary because the place where you are – perhaps away from the pool or ocean – requires you to be wearing a shirt, or because the weather dictates that a shirt is necessary.  Of course you may also want to be wearing a tan through tee shirt because it looks great on.

Tan Through T-Shirts Buyer’s Guide

So what might you look for when assessing which tan through t-shirt to buy? Here are some suggestions and advice about tee shirts you can tan through.

Tan through T-shirts and fashion

Of course the first thing to look for when comparing one tan through t-shirt to another is the fashion. You want to be sure that while you are enjoying the technology that allows you to get a tan while being covered up you also look good. Most tan thru t-shirt makers have many choices but often all of their products have a certain style and a smaller choice of cuts. You may find that one brand or another seems to have shirts that you tend to like more than another. You may want to start there and see if that company also has other factors you will like.

Tan Through T-Shirts and Price

The second point of comparison with tan through tee shirts is price and durability. You want to assess these two factors together if possible, though while price may be obvious it could be difficult to compare how long two or three products you are comparing will last. You’ll have to look for online reviews by customers for that. But if you can determine both factors before your tan through tee shirt purchase you should be able to determine your “price per season” – in other words, how much will your tan through t-shirt purchases cost over time. A $100 product that lasts two years will cost you $50 per season, while a $120 product that lasts three seasons only costs $40/per.

Tan Through Tee shirts and Accessories

Next you may wonder about accessories that match. Often when you buy a tan through t-shirt you also buy a cover-up or other swimwear clothing. You may be able to find a store that can sell you matching fashions to go with your tan through shirt. This may not be a high-ranking factor, but may help you narrow your choices. You may also find that the fact that a store that has these matching fashions suggests that they have been successful with their core business and were able to branch out.

Tan Thru t-shirt effectiveness

Finally, you want to be sure that the store has mastered the tan through technology necessary to serve its purpose. This is not easy to assess of course until you go out in the sun. However, you should look to online reviews made by other consumers to see what people had to say after they made a purchase from that retailer. See f you can find a site or a forum where the reviews appear to be independent and unbiased.

As we’ve said many times here on this site, make sure you wear sunblock when wearing a tan though tee shirt.  At least wear the spf you would wear if you were not wearing it because the sun’s rays are coming in.  Many people could make the mistake of wearing a tan through tee shirt at the beginning of the season, for example, when it is not hot enough for that bathing suit or bikini only, and that is a recipe for a sunburn.

Tan Thru T-Shirt Summary

Many stores sell high quality products and using the above factors can help you narrow things down. Best of luck should you choose to buy a tan through t-shirt!

We also have information on tan through clothing for men and women, and regular shirts that allow tanning.

In summary, tan through t-shirts remains a niche market with subtle improvements in the technology and an increase in the available styles. Tan Through t-shirts are still not well-known generally, but quite available from online outlets. What will this summer hold for tan through tee shirts and clothing? We will certainly see, and please feel free to share you own experience with a tan through t-shirt or other clothing.