Tan Through Bathing Suits

Tan Through Bathing Suits Review

Have you seen people wearing tan through bathing suits yet?

Actually, this is a trick question, since it would be hard to know right away whether someone was wearing a tan through bathing suit. We guess you could deduce things if your friend always wear a bikini with straps yet has no strap lines when wearing an off-the shoulders outfit. Or maybe your friend who had been wearing shorts all spring looks evenly tanned on her upper legs when she switches to a bikini.

All of that said, you are likely to have no idea who is wearing a tan through bathing suit or other swimwear since the tan through bathing suits, cover-ups, t-shirts, etc. of today are indistinguishable from traditional beachwear. And since the price of tan through swimwear has come down, these products are not merely for those willing to spend a lot extra.

So what does all of this mean for you? Well, while you visit the beach, pool or lake this summer you might be missing out on the tanning benefits those around you are getting since you have chosen a traditional material suit. Or buy tan through swimwear and be someone who is tanning through without anyone knowing it!

Tan Through Bathing Suits Market

The most common request for tan thru products, of course, are bikinis and bathing suits.  Many people do not want any tan lines at all, and want to avoid different patterns that show up when different clothing or swimwear is worn.  And others want to be completely browned no matter whether they have clothing on or not!  Thus even though many tan through bathing suits don’t cover that much up to begin with, they are still incredibly popular.  It may be that people just want to know that they are tan underneath their clothing, or that they want to wear that low-cut top and have no white marks at all, or maybe that they want their partner to see only tanned skin, but one way or another tan through bathing suits and even small bikinis are incredibly popular right now.

Some of you may have tried tan through bathing suits or bikinis when they first came out.  Sure these products did allow you to tan thru, but it was merely because they were quite thin, and in some cases just a bit too revealing.  Then the true tan thru technology emerged, and we had tan through bathing suits and bikinis that were not merely allowing you to tan thru because they were thin, but instead because of the microscopic holes in the material that we explain in our blog and elsewhere.  But at that point these products were expensive and not incredibly fashionable – something that often happens when a new and exciting clothing technology is rushed to market.  And of course some consumers were already turned off to the technology because of the initial missteps that companies made with those first lower quality tan through bathing suits.

Flash forward to today and we have tan through bathing suits and bikinis that not only truly allow you to tan thru, but are also durable, fashionable, and not too much more expensive than many other swimwear products.  In fact, many of these tan through bathing suits are actually less expensive, sometimes significantly so, than brand name high-end swimwear that looks great but isn’t nearly as functional.  The time to reconsider tan thru is now if you were once disgruntled or you did not belive in the technology at the start!

Tan through Bathing Suits Tips

For those of you just discovering this exciting swimwear technology, we are glad you are here.  And for those who tried it once a while ago and were turned off, we’re glad you are reconsidering!  Keep in mind the following when you consider tan through bathing suits and bikinis:

1. You may want to wash tan thru bathing suit gently.  Usually these bathing suits and bikinis do not need any particular special handling, but you do want your investment to last.  In general tan through bathing suits and bikinis do not get particularly soiled, especially if you are going in and out of the water.  Like any other swimwear product, tan through bathing suits can fade a bit if washed too much and especially if dried on high heat a lot.

2. Mix and match is a great way to go with tan through bikinis, or combination two piece swimwear.  As with other swimwear you can get a variety of looks much cheaper by buying tan through bathing suits this way.  You may be very interested in only wearing this exciting new material, so buying this way can help you do that while still varying your fashion.  Of course you don’t want people thinking you only own one or two suits, so mixing and matching can be a cost-effective way to increase your wardrobe!

3. Be bold with your tan through bathing suits – you do not have to get a light or boring pattern in your tan thru swimwear in order to somehow get the best effect.  All swimwear made from this innovative material works equally.

4. Do not settle for imitations that are merely made from thin material and are not truly made from the innovative fabric that allows the sun’s rays in.  Make sure you are looking into genuine tan through bathing suits with special material that allows you to tan thru not because it is thin but because of specific technology.

Buying Tan through Bathing Suits

The easiest way to buy your tan through bathing suits is online, where not only will you get a great selection but also a chance to compare prices and quality.  But many people find buying bathing suits and bikinis online challenging, especially at first, since it is hard to know what exact size will look best.  For some the best option is to choose a brand of tan through bathing suits in a store where they can be tried on first, and even if you then only buy one or two you can then order the same brand online and know what will fit.  Of course you could also focus on online retailers that offer generous return policies on tan through bathing suits so that you can easily and quickly return a suit that is the wrong size or does not fit as well as you’d like.   Of course you may want to augment your tan thru purchase by getting a cover-up or tank top that will allow you to tan thru as well.

We do not provide a review of tan through bathing suits here so that we can maintain our independence and unbiased approach, but you can look for reviews on independent websites that carry tan through bathing suits – make sure it appears that the site is generally publishing all reviews no matter how positive they are.

You are looking into a very exciting new fashion technology that is quickly taking hold now that it has been perfected and the price has come down.  Best of luck this summer with your new tan through bathing suits or bikinis, and please feel free to come back and write your own review or describe your experience with these products!

Where to find a tan through Bathing suit

But why can’t you find tan through bathing suits in bricks and mortar stores? Tan through swimwear and clothing has gained incredible popularity given how effective it is while still being fashionable.  But that leads to an obvious question: Why have the larger stores – the ones commonly found at the mall – not embraced tan through swimwear?  What are the buyers for these stores thinking and why are they not choosing tan thru bathing suits yet?  We don’t have a simple answer to this question, but we have a few theories:

1. Tan through swimwear is still a bit niche and therefore would not drive the volume of sales needed to be a part of the inventory of a large chain store.  Given that only a small number of people are interested in getting a whole body tan, and even those only need a small number of tan thru bathing suits, the number of sales may be too low.

2. Complacency may be an issue when it comes to large stores picking up new products like tan through swimwear.  They may have ordered the same products from the same distributors for years, and perhaps those products sell well.  The motivation to take a chance on tan thru – even if all of us here think it would pay off – just may not be there.

3. They just do not understand tan through swimwear technology, or worse they may have had bad experiences with it back when it was not well perfected (or even when “tan through” just meant thin), and continue to harbor doubts that may not be reflective of actual problems.

Whatever the reason, we share the feeling that larger stores would do well to consider tan thru swimwear as part of their inventory, and tan through clothing in general as a viable product.  We are sure this will happen eventually, and perhaps the store that does will get a great head start!

Caring for Tan Through Bathing Suits

The most important thing to keep in mind when caring for your tan through bathing suits is to consider them technology in addition to fashion.  This does not mean that you are going to have to provide much more intensive care for them than you would another prized piece of clothing, but it does mean that you want to be relatively gentle and careful.  You can treat your tan through bathing suits exactly as you would any other nice swimwear, but you want these items to last longer and remain new-looking for as long as possible.

The first and most obvious step is to closely follow the instructions that come with your tan through bathing suits.  Some will suggest not drying them in a hot dryer, and that is fine and easy given how fast they dry on their own.  There may be instructions about not using hot water in the wash cycle, and of course you will not want to bleach them either.  Many other clothing items you have likely have similar instructions, so the end result is probably that you will add your tan through bathing suits to the rest of.  You do want to make sure that your tan through bathing suits are completely dry before putting them away, and you may want to be extra gentle the first time you wash them.

Wearing Tan Through Bathing Suits

First we want to give this strong disclaimer: There are very compelling health reasons not to use a tanning bed, and it is not our place here to open a debate about that.  But if you are someone who wants to tan all over this summer, and you have made an informed choice that using tanning beds every once in a while is okay, we want to offer you some advice.

As we’ve said many times, when you wear a tan thru bathing suit or and clothing that allows for a tan through effect, you absolutely must wear sunblock at first on those areas of your body that are not used to being exposed to the sun.  While the tan thru technology is more mild than direct sun exposure, those areas being exposed through the tan through material are not used to any sun at all.  The balance, therefore leads to a need for most people to wear sunblock, again at least at first and sometimes even at least with a low spf the whole summer.

But if you are really worried about getting a sunburn through your tan thru swimwear, or you’ve been burned on those areas before and know you are susceptible, you may want to get a little base before using tan through.  That is one thing that tanning beds are good for, getting a start on a tan before heavy sun exposure.  With that base tan all over you may be able to wear your tan thru bikini or bathing suit with more confidence, and tan through without as much worry about a burn.

Most would agree that getting a sunburn anywhere on your body is worse than using a tanning bed safely, even if many would argue that the right choice is to do neither.  But if you feel the need to ensure that you will not burn under your tan thru bathing suit, or you know that when you tan through you will be overly prone to sunburns, this is a step you might consider.

Tan Through Bathing Suits and Cut

One thing that many women run into when buying swimwear, and especially two piece swimwear like bikinis, is having to be very aware of the cut of the bathing suit – you have to compare what the suit will cover to what the rest of your non-swimwear wardrobe looks like to be sure that you will not have tan lines where you don’t want them.  For example, if you wear a bikini that goes fairly high above your waist, and then a cut off shirt that shows your belly, you may have white lines you don;t want to show.  Enter tan through swimwear, especially tan thru bikinis.

With tan through swimwear you do not have to worry about the cut of the tan thru material that is used.  In fact, you can even wear a one-piece bathing suit and not worry at all.  You will tan through so that tan lines will not be there no matter what cut you choose.  So now if you think you’ll look better in a tan through bathing suit that comes up a little higher, or you want to ditch two-piece bikinis altogether (don’t forget, as we covered in a previous post one-pice bathing suits are coming back into fashion) you don’t also have to give up on clothing that shows off you midriff.

With tan through swimwear, and again particularly tan thru bikinis and other styles of two piece bathing suit, you can tan thru and not worry about any pattern that will emerge.  And even men may like this given that some men’s bathing suits can go very long, even longer than the man might like his tan lines to go.  One note, however, is that because tan through swimwear and tan thru bathing suits don’t let quite as much sun in as you’d get completely uncovered, you may have to wear different values of sunblock to keep things even.

Social media can help you choose a good tan through bathing suit – here is one that focuses on tan through swimwear for men.


Tan through bathing suits are an incredible combination of fashion and technology, and you will find that no one needs to know you are wearing them unless you want them to.  Tan through bathing suits do not require any extra care beyond what normal high-end swimwear needs, and look just as good.  And if you like to be tan all over you may end up looking even better after wearing a tan through bathing suit!