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Tan Through Clothing Works!

Tan Through Clothing: Tank Tops, Shirts, and Shorts!

Year-round uses are now possible for tan through clothing

Tan through clothing is increasingly available even though most people continue to associate tan thru material with bathing suits and other swimwear.  And of course these continue to be the most popular products in the tan thru lineup.  It makes sense: Often when you put on your swimwear you are going to the beach, lake or pool to have fun and also get a tan.  Tan through clothes may not be top of mind.



Tan Through Clothing Possibilities

But what about those days when it’s not hot enough for the beach?  Or how about if you want to play a sport or do yard work, or participate in another activity where you would not normally where a bathing suit?  Enter tan through clothing, including shirts and tank tops!  Though mostly overlooked right now as tan thru bathing suits get all the attention, we can see a growing market for tan through clothing in the near future.

These new entries into the tan thru lineup are light and comfortable, and of course allow you to be tanning even when more covered up that you’d be at the beach or pool.  Tan through clothing is durable and fashionable, just like their swimwear cousins, but can be worn in a variety of settings comfortably.  And of course, no one needs to know that you are wearing tan through clothing, yet people will be surprised at how evenly you tanned – even after a week when the weather was not warm enough to go outdoor tanning!

Tan Through Clothing Products

You can now wear tan through clothing to get a fuller tanning experience without being at the beach or pool!  Tan through clothing material is being used to make classic polo shirts, golf shorts, and tank tops. These shirts are made for men or women in many different styles.  Tan through clothing is often made from a soft knit fabric that stretches with you and stays looking like new. They are cool, comfortable, and soft. Best of all, when you take them off you will notice a rich and even bronze underneath.  You’ll love the effect you can get even in activities where you cannot be in a swimsuit!  Tan through clothing is perfect for biking, jogging, cookouts, or yard work. Just remember not to forget whatever tanning lotion you usually wear because they do not prevent you from burning.

What exactly have we seen as far as tan through clothing products?  The following may only be a partial listing:

  • Men’s Tan thru Polo style shirts can be worn as more fashionable choices in many different situations.  These comfortable shorts do tan thru well, but not as well as tan through clothing that hugs the body such as certain work out shits for example.  Then again, a whole day playing golf wearing one of these polos will certainly lead to some color!
  • Tan thru henley shirts for men offer a stylish choice that looks great in more casual circumstances.  These entries into the tan through clothing lineup can be worn a little tighter and therefore can lead to significant tanning.  They are also certainly in fashion – and seem to have been  for a long time – so they are a great choice.
  • Of course T shirts are a popular form of tan through clothing, whether traditional of v-neck.  The flexibility as far as when you can wear a t-shirt and how well they fit with so many outdoor activities are a reason why we see t shorts that allow you to tan thru growing in popularity.  They are even great for that day at the beach where the weather is a little cooler.
  • Tank tops are also quite popular as far as their ability to tan thru and prevent or at least minimize those unsightly tank top tan lines that you might otherwise get.  And these types of shirt can be worn a little tighter as well, allowing the fabric to do its thing!
  • For women you might find tan through clothing that is fashionable such as scoop neck shirts and even perhaps some types of blouse.  You might also find all of the above in women’s fashions.

Tan Through Clothing Costs

Tan through clothing does not cost as much as you’d think, not much more than other high-end clothing you might want to purchase.  Tan through clothing shirts cost little if anything more that normal t shirts, polos or golf shirts, from $35 to $65. There is no restriction on the colors or patterns the tan thru material can take.   Do not overpay for your tan through clothing product – as exciting as they are they should not be that expensive.  You should certainly still look for fashions that will last and look great, but you should not have to pay a premium.

These shirts, tees, and tank tops also open the door to more widespread use by men who also want tan through clothing so they care get a natural and even tan all over.  Many men are attracted to tan through clothing to a greater degree than tan thru swimwear given that they don’t mind not being tan in areas a bathing suit covers, but do want get tan where a shirt lies.  And again, the cost for tan through clothing for men is no higher than a different quality product.

Does Tan Through Clothing Work?

Tan through clothing has the obvious advantage over traditional clothing of allowing you to be tanning even when you are fully covered up.  And unlike swimwear, this clothing allows this new way of tanning to stretch into other times when you are not near the beach or pool.  But tan through clothing has other advantages as well, such as being made of a fabric that is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for sports and other activity.  Interestingly, one benefit of tan through clothing for some is that it actually provides some degree of sunscreen protection as opposed to going shirtless.  Or if you want to avoid having to put on lotion you might be able to put on that shirt or t shirt instead.  Finally, these products may help manage moisture well if you are sweating or otherwise likely to get wet.  And you do not have to sacrifice comfort or fashion through this choice, since those are advantages too!

Future Tan Through Clothes

There is a lot of room for tan through clothing in the market, and improvements in the technology may pave the way for a larger market share.  For example, tan through clothing that is snug to the skin is the most effective type right now, but that limits the most impressive results to clothing that is more suited to sports and working out, and generally more popular with women than others.  Once the technology behind ten through clothing allows clothes that are looser fitting to be effective in allowing the wearer to tan thru, we may see this material used for shirts and shorts that have a more relaxed and looser fit and are therefore suitable for a wider range of activity and situation.

Tan through bathing suits and clothing technology is growing fast – and its not beachwear that have tan through materials. Here are just some examples of other tan through products that could allow you to get a dark and even tan with no lines:

Tan through Glasses

There are now both prescription and non-prescription glasses that are made to tan through. Wear your sunglasses while working outside while not worrying about developing white circles around your eyes.

Tan through Cover ups

Sometimes you are near the beach or pool, but want to wear more than your bathing suit. Tan through cover ups allow you to be more covered up while still tanning through on a cooler day or when you want to dry off a bit.

Tan through Watch bands

How often have you seen people with tan lines where their watches were worn? Now you can wear your watch and still avoid these tan lines through the use of tan through bands.

Tan through Hats

Shaved heads on men are fashionable and look great on some. But they look funny if the face is tan and the head is white. Tan through hats prevent this kind of look.

The other improvements we may see to tan through clothing in the future include new types of clothes that can be worn off-season, such as winter sports wear, clothing that is more commonly work during cool months, etc.  These improvements will allow people the opportunity to begin working on their tan earlier, or keep their tan longer after the summer.  The key to these improvements will be to find material that is both warm and thin enough to tan thru.  With the more general advent of thinner clothing for winter, tan thru material cannot be too far behind!

Coming soon: Tan Through Clothing Reviews!

Tan Through Clothing: Conclusion

You may want to look into tan through clothing such as tee shirts, shirts, and tank tops if you like the idea of tanning when you are not in a situation that allows for wearing a bathing suit.  If you tried these products before, you may be surprised at how far this fashion technology has come, and if you are new to tan through clothing you might be happy with the results!  We will continue to cover all types of product including tan through clothing, with updates as we see improvements whether in the fashion aspects or underlying technology.  As always we also invite the feedback of anyone who has tried a tan through clothing product – did it work as advertised, how effective was it, and how did it look?

Please remember that wearing tan through clothing may be the equivalent of having a medium sun tan lotion on, but that does not mean you cannot get a sunburn.  Often the skin underneath your tan through clothing has not had the exposure that other skin has, meaning that you may need a higher spf, at least at first.  You can experiment with your sunscreen underneath, but we strongly suggest that you not back to far down from what you would wear with no coverage, at least at first.

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