Tan Through Shorts that Really Work

Tan through shorts are increasingly popular both because they actually work to give you an all-over tan, and also because they have become more fashionable.  We cover tan thru shorts here, and also have more information about men’s tan through clothing elsewhere.  We are here to provide an overview of the market and products, and information to help you decide whether to buy them.  Keep in mind that our coverage of tan through shorts is specifically about clothing, and not about bathing suits, which we cover on another page.

Tan Through Shorts Overview

Tan Through Shorts for Sports

The market for tan thru products in general is likely to grow in 2016, and one place that we think we’ll see an expansion is in clothing.  While bikinis and bathing suits that allow the wearer to tan through have already almost entered the mainstream, we have yet to see clothing become as popular.  One reason for this is that the clothing must be relatively tight to the body for the technology to work, so tee shirts and tank tops are not quite as feasible, especially for men.  But tan through shorts are a real possibility, and that is where we might see the market expand.  Given the popularity of spandex and related tight bottoms, tan thru shorts could be quite fashionable while also being very effective.  Even men’s tan through shorts may see an increase in sales.

All of the above said, there are other reasons why tan through shorts have never been as popular as their cousins including shirts and tank tops.  First, they were not as fast to the market as the other products, and second they are not quite as useful to those who want to get tanned all over.  So bathing suits and bikinis may still be the first thing people buy and remain the focus.  and  the areas that tan thru shorts are covering will continue to be areas where many people feel are not as important to tan.

Tan through shorts for men

An increasing trend in the world of tan through swimwear is the use of bathing suits and tank tops that allow men to also tan through.  We fully expect that this fashion trend will continue, and men will be pursuing tan thru shorts more frequently.  In fact, the only thing holding many men back from already buying tan through shorts we imagine is that they have not been as heavily marketed to so far – not a surprise given that fashion in general, and particularly beachwear, starts with advertising to women.  But now that tan thru swimwear is more firmly established, we expect that more effort will be put into finding men who want to tan through as well.

Men’s tan through shorts may become more common

And the tan thru swimwear companies are seeing this trend coming and we are seeing more shorts for men that allow them to tan through.  And while it used to be that men’s tan thru shorts were skin-tight and therefore not the latest fashion, now tan thru shorts include more popular board shorts, surf shorts and regular cut shorts.  We would guess that these tan through shorts don’t work quite as well as women’s tan thru bikinis given that the material probably does a better job allowing the sun’s rays in when it is close to the skin, but these products do work and are a great thing for men who do not want tan lines anywhere and want to be sure that when they wear pants that hang down a little or shorts that are a little shorter than their bathing suit that no untanned skin is showing.

The positives about tan through shorts for men include that men often want to look good with nothing on, and also that it eliminates the tan line at the waist which many men do not like.  In addition, tan thru men’s shorts allow men to still wear fashionable longer swimwear while still tanning in areas that might show when they are wearing other fashions.  The drawback to tan through shorts for men is that they are often tighter than normal swimwear and may not look as good on some men and may not appear to fit in today’s fashions.  In all, these new products are a great fit for some men (for example, tan through bike shorts hold promise for bikers) while other might still concentrate on other swimwear and clothing while leaving these out.

Tan through shorts for women

The positives about tan through shorts for women are obvious, including the fact that they allow a woman to cover up a little more than usual at the beach or pool while still tanning effectively.  They might even allow her to tan away from the usual places where swimwear is worn.  And on a slightly colder day, tan through swimwear for women can be worn and tanning still takes place, even if it is too cold for that bikini or bathing suit.  These tan through shorts are fashionable and look great as well.  And given that tight shorts and pants are fashionable anyway, in the form of spandex and related material,  tan through shorts may be a natural choice.  Finally, women are more likely than men to have the parts of their body that are covered by shorts exposed sometimes.

Tan Through Shorts Summary

So will we really see a true emergence of tan through shorts in the consumer marketplace in 2016?  Maybe in small doses such as tan through bike shorts or two piece tan thru cover ups?  We will see, but no matter what you may want to look into these products yourself – why wait to see whether there is a trend if you want to get tanned in those areas.  Perhaps you have enjoyed tan thru swimwear but now you want to get tanned on days that it is not as warm or in places where you would not wear a bathing suit.  Or maybe you look better in shorts with your bathing suit.  One way or another, tan through shorts may be a great solution for you.