GPS Devices

 There are many uses for built-in GPS Chips that can map and track your location or the location of something you care about.  Some of these applications are obvious and well-known, while others are quite innovative and creative.  In all we see many possibilities being explored and perfected, and even the following is not an extensive listing.

Mobile GPS Apps for PDAs and Smartphones

When you’re rushing from a late meeting to your child’s t-ball game, you need to know exactly where you are going or you could miss him or her getting a hit or catching the ball. You have a PDA – a personal digital (or data) assistant, so shouldn’t your “assistant” be able to help you get there? Now it can!

 There is a new kind of PDA or smart phone with portable and mobile GPS software and chip technology embedded which can keep your schedule, allow people to reach you, AND help you navigate to where you are trying to go.

 These PDAs with built-in mobile GPS mapping and tracking are handheld and come preloaded with maps of your country, text- and voice-driven turn-by-turn directions, and listings of points of interest such as gas stations and stores.

 Some things to look for in a PDA or smart phones with built-in GPS tracking and mapping software:

 – GPS software that uses text to voice capabilities so you don’t have to always look at the small screen while driving.

 – The ability to automatically update your portable GPS enabled PDA through a computer so you get the latest changes in road maps

– Good service coverage so you are never “almost there” when your GPS map blacks out.

 Good luck with your new and improved personal assistant with built-in mobile GPS tracking and mapping.  You’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

Portable GPS Built in to Shoes and Sneakers

GPS tracking and mapping is now being built into sneakers and shoes.  This kind of mobile GPS technology is typically used for one of two purposes:

1. For hikers and runners, mobile GPS technology built into shoes and sneakers can later be used with the right GPS software to know exactly where you are or how far you’ve gone.  This GPS tracking and mapping can be both handy and life-saving!

2. For parents portable GPS technology built in to their child’s sneakers or shoes can ensure that they will always know where there child is should she or he run off.  This type of GPS mapping and tracking technology, again when used with GPS software that can be downloaded or used as an app on an iphone or blackberry, can be vital.

One way or another, sneakers and skoes provide a perfect place for a built in GOS chip, given that they are sturdy, out of the way, and unlikely to be removed.

GPS Built in to Dog and Cat Collars

GPS dog, cat, or bird collars can be used for tracking and mapping your pet’s movements if he or she should ever leave your yard.  They can also be used for animals that will tend to roam naturally, such as birds and grazing livestock. The mapping that can be accomplished with a GPS collar is highly precise and the GPS chip technology is so advanced that they can be easily hidden and embedded in a normal looking and feeling pet collar.

Mobile GPS dog or cat collars can be used to track and map your pet’s location should he or she ever get away. This tracking is exact to about five feet, and the GPS chips are so small and lightweight that they can be hidden in any pet collar.

If you become concerned you merely activate the GPS chip remotely – wherever you are – from a cell phone or computer.  The GPS collar your dog, cat, or bird in wearing then sends real-time data back to you. Unlike other types of tracking and mapping, your pet can never outdistance the range of a GPS collar!

The location information supplied by the GPS collar can be immediately sent to police or fire departments near your pet’s location, and they can easily find him or her and keep him or her safe until you arrive.

Never lose your pet again, even for a short time – get a GPS dog or cat Collar.  Your pet will never know – the GPS collar feels and looks completely normal and it is completely safe.

GPS dog, cat, and other pet collars have other uses as well – for example, if you and your dog go hiking, the gps dog collar can help both of you know where you are and how far you’ve gone.  Even without your pet present, you can borrow the GPS collar and put it in your pocket to track and map your own travel.

Learn what farmers already know about tracking expensive cattle, and what many parents are discovering recently about protecting their kids: Use GPS chips for a better sense of security.  There are far too many stories about dogs and cats wandering off, but GPS collars can ensure that your pet is not own of them!

Please note that merely having your dog, cat, or other pet wear a GPS collar should never take the place of all other preventative actions you put in place to ensure your his or her safety and security.

Mobile GPS Collars have other uses as well – for example, when hiking with your dog, the gps dog collar can help both of you know where both of you are. You can put the small GPS tracker cat collar in your pocket to track and map your own movements even without your pet present.

There are too many stories about dogs wandering off into dangerous areas, or cats getting out and fighting with wild animals that are much bigger than them. Hopefully, these stories will be replaced by tales of dogs and cats wearing GPS tracker collars and being rescued before they get in harm’s way.

The three types of GPS dog collar include:

Type A: You call a phone number associated with the unique GPS Dog collar your pet is wearing. The GPS receiver in his collar sends you your dog’s location (within a few yards) to your cell phone.  IN this case your cell phone is like a passive portable GPS tracking device.

Type B: Your dog’s collar actively tracks her location. If she moves to a location further than a distance you specify your cell phone rings to alert you, and immediately her coordinates are made available.  In this case your cell phone is a more active portable GPS tracking device, but not fully active because it’s not always tracking or mapping through GPS.

Type C: Your dog wears an always on GPS collar and you can log in to a website on your computer or cell phone and track his movements 24/7.  In this case your cell phone is a fully active portable GPS tracking device.

GPS collars can ensure your dog’s security and safety, and with today’s technology, your cell phone can be an effective mobile GPS tracking device. They are both convenient and inexpensive, and as you can see, extremely easy to use.

If you are curious about how these GPS pet collars work – how the track your pets whereabouts – please see How GPS Works page, and to keep track of all the latest innovations and news about GPS mapping and tracking technology, make sure to follow our Built in GPS Home Page.  Also, here is a nice article about GPS Tracking for cats

Jewelry with Built in GPS

Even if you have relatively expensive jewelry, or even something that has more sentimental value than actual value, you want to be sure you will never lose it.  At the same time, you want to wear it often and show it off.  Enter your built-in GPS insurance policy that ensures you will always know where your prized jewelry is!   Whether it falls off, you leave it somewhere accidentally, or it gets stolen, your jewelry with a built-in GPS chip will always be easy to locate.

 The best option for built in GPS chips made for jewelry are what are called “mini tracking systems”.  You should look for one that is easy to use – including being connected to the internet so that if you lose your jewelry when away from home you can just go online to see where it is.  In fact, a good built-in GPS chip system will also tell you where you jewelry has traveled and, if it moving, where it is headed now.

The other uses for built-in GPS in jewelry include tracking where you’ve gone while wearing the items, knowing where your child or teenager has gone or is, and recording things like distance traveled on a walk, run, or hike.  Built in GPS can also help you protect other items – if a piece of jewelry with a embedded GPS chip is in a suitcase or handbag, for example, you’ll be able to locate that item easily.

GPS chip technology has become so refined and so small that it can help you keep your prized possessions, including jewelry safe, and can also help you track your own or your child’s movements.  There are many options, and its important to find customer feedback because the quality of these units can vary widely, as can the power of the software they come with.

Other Uses for  Built in GPS

The above are some of the more obvious and current uses for built-in GPS chips.  What follows is a list, compiled for fun, of the possible future uses of portable GPS tracking systems:

 – Iguana and lizard Collars (they don’t move so fast, but they have been known to get away!)

 – Bird Collars (portable gps systems to track or map where your bird goes)

 – Kites (if your kite is expensive, and gets away, your gps tracking system will tell you where it is!)

 – Surfboards (We don;t surf, so we’re just guessing that this could be helpful)

 – Keys (If you lose them, a mobile gps tracking device can help you find them)

 – Paper airplanes dropped off buildings (Track their path with a portable gps tracker)

 – Migrating birds (For the scientists out there)

 – Teenagers (Are they even trackable?)

 – Golf balls (Use mobile GPS to track their actual flight path)

 – Prisoners on work release (Mobile GPS is already being used in ankle bracelets)

 – Anything that could get stolen (GPS tracking systems for security)

 …this list could go on and on because built-in GPS tracking systems and mobile and portable GPS technology in general has become so advanced.

If you are curious how the GPS chip technology map and tracks the items above, please see our How GPS Works page, and stay tuned to the very latest information and advice about GPS Chips by checking our Home Page often.