GPS Social Networking

A Booming Innovation in Built in GPS

GPS Social Networking for fun and excitement

Built in GPS and social networking have finally collided.  These two consumer interest, one a technology and the other a social interest, seem to go together well.  This may not have been predictable, but now that it is happening it seems quite natural.  By now you know what built-in GPS can bring, but you may not be familiar with the latest in social networking.  Social networking, in summary, is the idea of using technology to bring groups of people together, help people meet new friends or partners, or help people get advice or assistance from others.  We usually think of social networking in the context of either computers, mobile phones, or smart phones where people can get an email of text alert regarding something that leads to a social encounter.  How does GPS fit?  Quite nicely!

GPS social networking adds the dimension of geography, with applications including:

1. Bringing groups of friends together at a place of one person’s choosing.  Others may not even know where they are going as they follow the GPS, only to be surprised and pleased when they get there.  These meet-ups of friends can be done through gps mapping – where everyone follows a fun map on their path to the get-together, or merely a single endpoint of coordinates which in navigated to with GPS

2. Family can also use GPS social networking to meet up at a certain place and at a certain time, with no confusion about where since each family member is using GPS.  It may be as complicated as a picnic that requires a bit of a hike to get to, or as simple as a restaurant that no one’s been to before.  Instead of directions or an address, GPS coordinates are given out.

3. Groups that may not know each other might also use GPS social networking.  Perhaps a group that shares a certain political view, hobby, or interest could all be prompted by the GPS to meet at the same place and enjoy each others’ company or do a task related to the interest.

4. Meet-ups where a sport will be played or a fun activity will be performed that can only be done by a group could be a use of GPS social networking.  A Field may not have a simple address to put in a GPS device, but coordinates or a GPS map could be given out to all the participants.

5. Dating, of course, can be done through GPS social networking where two people meet by following their built-in GPS to a certain place.  This can make dating fun and interesting.  Instead of speed dating, dating can happen where each person follows a GPS map from place to place for the next meet up.

6. While not purely “social” networking, GPS can be used to alert consumers about sales at retain places, thereby bringing together people at the same place and time.

These are merely a few of the ways that built in GPS can be used for mobile social applications well beyond the typical everyday way finding or tracking.  During these activities the GPS system can be built into social networking, with tweets or Facebook posts being generated by the GPS device for example.   One way or another, built-in GPS and social networking have come together and formed a natural fit, and we expect there to be more opportunities to enjoy this combination as built-in GPS gets more refined, accurate, and smaller.