Sun Through Swimwear Overview

Sun Through Swimwear and Bathing Suits

Sun through swimwear in 2016 promises some changes yet the underlying technology remains the cornerstone.  We’ve noticed something new in sun through bathing suits and bikinis in 2016 that may be a subtle change in the product lines.  For the most part sun thru swimwear has usually been made from very colorful patterns and designs.  Part of the reason for this is to make sure that the very tiny holes in the fabric are not at all perceptible with the eye.  It’s not that the bathing suit would be see through, but the tiny holes would just not look good.  Now we’ve noticed more plain patterns and fewer wild designs.  It may be that manufacturers of sun through swimwear have perfected things so much that the worry about unsightly holes has diminished.

So once again we’ve reached a point where sun through bathing suits and bikinis have perhaps passed a new milestone in innovation and improvement, and those who had one last reason not try this fashion technology – the lack of a variety of patterns – now may turn back and decide to buy.  We don’t imagine that a tan through bathing suit that is a solid color would be any better or worse at what it is supposed to do – f course tan through – so we are not here to specifically recommend which type to buy.

Overall the exciting thing about sun through swimwear right now is that it is a fashion that continues to evolve even though it is already quite perfected.  We enjoy following the trends and changes in sun thru swimwear, but encourage you not to wait to buy because the benefits are already there.  This new trend, with more solid color tan thru is just one of what we imagine will be a series of continuing changes and evolutions in this exciting area.  As always we hope that you might share your own experience with sun through swimwear in the comments.

Sun Through Swimwear 2016

Sun through swimwear enjoyed a great summer last summer when it comes to increasing popularity, decreasing prices, and an improved effectiveness.  We expect that the increased use of this fashion technology will continue and accelerate now, while at the same time tan thru clothing products might make it into the spring fashion lineups even before summer arrives.  It should be interesting to see how much this market can grow – there still seems to be room for more people to get excited about tan through.

But what is the likely route for sun through swimwear companies to tap into this excitement and get new customers for their summertime products?  And will the spring present opportunities for sun thru swimwear, or will it just be a good time to calibrate the advertising and promotion that will happen closer to summertime?  As exciting as sun through swimwear technology is, we expect that little attention will be spent on attracting new summer customers in the off-season merely because these fashion lines are still a bit niche and people are not likely to buy their summer fashion that early.

What will be interesting this spring, however, is how tan thru clothing that can be worn outside of summer rolls out, and whether the advertising and promotion of these items will focus on those who are already captivated by sun thru bathing suits, or whether companies will be bold and will try to gain summer sun through swimwear customers through spring products.  This would certainly be challenging but could be worthwhile, giving those companies a head start moving into summer.

Our coverage of sun thru swimwear

Sun through bathing suits are new to many consumers, and while we offer a comprehensive tan through swimwear buyer’s guide in another section, many people still have questions and concerns about their prospective purchase.  We completely understand this because this fashion technology is relatively new and in many ways seems too good to be true.  While sun through clothing and swimwear products are not more expensive than high quality regular bathing suits, you still want to make an informed choice. Knowing more about the technology can help.

Some of the questions come from those who tried tan thru swimwear before it was perfected, or those who may have tried an alternative technology that did not work.  No matter what, we want to be sure that you get the answers you are looking for as far as tan through swimwear so that your purchase is an informed choice.

These are the pages in this section, designed to give you the general information and advice you are looking for when it comes to sun through bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear.  Those of you who have tried other technologies that have not worked well, or who tried sun through bathing suits at the very beginning before it was perfected, or who just want to be sure you are making a fully informed choice will enjoy these pages.

Our hope for your sun through swimwear purchase

We hope that our site can help you better understand this technology so that you can make an informed purchase.  As we have mentioned before, we have no stake in your choice since we are not directly affiliated with any bikini, bathing suit, or other swimwear store or distributor of tan through technology.  Thus even this section can present the potential and also the drawbacks of these products without fear of losing business.  In other words, these pages about tan thru swimwear are unbiased and well-rounded.

Please feel free to share your own knowledge about sun through swimwear and other tan thru clothing.  Whether you want to ask (and perhaps answer) a question that you think should be on our FAQ, or whether you want to submit something we might use in our feedback section, we welcome your input.  Now that these sun through bathing suits and clothing are all over the world and increasingly popular, it may be hard for us to keep up without your help!

Thanks for visiting and wondering about the potential of sun through bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear!  We hope this section of our website gives you a clear picture of your potential purchase, and we also hope you will check back and use our comments section to let us know what you thought of your tan thru clothing product!

Sun Thru Swimwear Design

Sun through bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear is increasingly popular.  Right now most people have heard of tan thru swimwear, and many have tried it at this point. A large number of people who tried early products were turned off by the original models which did not allow for an even and natural looking tan, and were expensive yet not durable. Our goal is to reintroduce the tan through bikini, bathing suit, and other swimwear since the technology behind them is now close to perfected. If you wore tan through fabric over five years ago and were disappointed with the results, take another look!

Sun through bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear right now are made from a lightweight yet durable fabric so they not only tan through, but also keep you cooler and more comfortable on a hot day than conventional bathing suits. This also allows you to stay dry and dry off after going in the water faster. But perhaps the innovation in this technology that is attracting the most consumer attention is the fact that tan through clothing is available in many attractive styles – and is not easily identifiable since it looks so similar to other bathing suits. And a sun thru bikini, bathing suit and other swimwear not terribly expensive, as the price has come down much closer to conventional bathing suits.

Finally, sun through bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear no longer requires very precise and different handling as far as washing and drying. You can put your suit in the laundry like everything else, and not worry (although many people do choose not to put their suit in the dryer since dryers take a lot out of any clothing and these bathing suits dry quickly anyway).

Sun Thru Swimwear: Your Choices

It used to be that this line-up was basically limited to a tan through bikini, and in many cases the sun thru bikini that had very bright prints because original material was so light. Now, however, sun thru swimwear comes in a wide variety of bikini style (including what seems to be the in-fashion leopard or animal print styles right now), and also one piece styles and everything in between.  These products are not just being made for sitting around and tanning, but is also durable enough for that day where you will participate in a beach sport or take a longer swim.

Some people have even decided to buy sun through bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear in styles that allow mixing and matching with regular swimwear in case they get a sunburn on one part of their body or otherwise want to concentrate on tanning one area more than another. You can also buy your tan through bikini, bathing suit and other swimwear in styles that allow you to mix and match within them as well, allowing you to go further with fewer purchases – you won’t have to build an entire wardrobe from nothing.

As we say elsewhere, this material does provide some sunblock protection, since there is some coverage while you are wearing the this material. However, for many people, especially at first this protection is balanced out by the fact that those areas often get no sun exposure at all. So the bottom line is that we suggest playing it safe and wearing sunscreen when you first wear sun thru bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear.

A tan thru bikini, bathing suit, and other swimwear attractive, durable, and effective. No one needs to know you are wearing one, and you may never buy a conventional suit again!

Remember that we have a special section on tan through swimwear for men.

Sun Through Swimwear Early Returns

As expected, tan through technology continues to take off.  People are discovering this simple yet effective technology that allows you to get a whole body tan even when completely covered up.  Once thought of as a novelty that worked unevenly and could be unsightly, sun thru swimwear is now more mainstream for two predictable reasons: Fashion and effectiveness.  These sun through bathing suits really work and are indistinguishable from conventional swim suits.

Of course by now someone has forgotten to use sunblock and has had a nasty burn underneath their sun through swimwear (can we remind you enough?!), and someone else has forgotten that if you wear a regular tank top with a tan thru bathing suit you might get interesting tan lines, but most people are very happy with their tan through bathing suit.  Word of mouth is particularly strong – people really do notice your lack of tan lines and you may even have to convince people you have not found a secret area to tan without your bathing suit on.

The biggest problem with sun through swimwear: No more being able to slightly peel down shorts or look under your bathing suit straps to see or show people how dark you’ve gotten – you’ll be equally tan there too!  Of course any time you can be near water and in a bathing suit or bikini you are better off than times you have to be fully clothed inland, but those who have purchased tan thru bathing suits and bikinis are discovering a lesser known quality of sun through swimwear: They keep you even cooler than traditional bathing suits.

Sun  through swimwear technology

Keep in mind that the secret behind sun through swimwear is that tiny holes in the fabric – too small for the eye to see – let the sun’s rays in and therefore you tan through even where the fabric is covering you up.  Those same tiny tan through holes also let a little air in as well, providing a cool feeling that is perceptible.  If you are someone who has both traditional and sun thru swimwear, try an experiment during the next super hot day and wear each type of swimwear for an hour and see which one made you feel cooler.

The technology behind sun through swimwear is designed to give you a full body tan, but could it eventually be bought by those who merely want to stay cool?  Could the impetus behind an expansion of the sun thru swimwear lineup to more kinds of clothing actually be to keep the wearer cool as opposed to tanned?  We believe that both situations are very possible, and could open up a new market for this exciting fashion technology.  But for now the coolness appears to be more of a side effect of tan through material.

(We also wonder whether the opposite could be a small drawback to tan thru swimwear – could the fact that they keep you cool be something that is not wanted on cooler days?)

Sun Through Bathing Suits and Clothes FAQ

Q: Do I need to wear sunblock when I am wearing a sun thru bikini, bathing suit or article of clothing?

A: Absolutely yes! You should treat the underlying skin as if it is fully exposed to the sun. In fact, it may be even more vital to wear sunblock under tan through swimwear and clothing because some of that skin has never been exposed to the sun at all.

Q: Is sun thru clothing less comfortable than regular clothing?

A: Actually, this material can often be more comfortable – light and breathable – than other types of clothes. The material must allow the sun’s rays in, so it can’t be too thick – of course it is not see though, it is just tan through!

Q: Is a tan through bikini, bathing suit or other swimwear expensive?

A: The cost of sun through clothing, bathing suits, and accessories is very reasonable. In most cases it is not much more than you would pay for regular material. Many people who looked into these products a few years back may have been turned off by the price of this swimwear, but it has come down considerably.

Q: Can I wash my sun thru bikini, bathing suit, and other swimwear normally?

A: Yes, tan thru swimwear and clothing is made so that you can wash it with your other clothing. It will become a normal part of your wardrobe, just like your other suits – wait, do you need other swimwear??

Q: Are sun through bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear durable?

A: Yes, tan through clothing material is durable and long-lasting!  The suits, cover ups or other swimwear you buy today will last at least as long as other clothing you buy. Again, some who looked into sun through bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear a few years back might have been disappointed, but we encourage you to give these bathing suits another try, and get an all over even tan!

Q: Can people tell I am wearing a tan through bikini, bathing suit, or other swimwear?

A: Not at all – you’ve likely seen someone in an article of sun through swimwear and had no idea. These products look exactly the same as other clothing.

Q: Is a tan through bikini, bathing suit, or other swimwear hard to obtain?

A: We are not a distributor of sun through clothing products and we like to stay independent so we do not give specific advice about where to buy these suits. However, these products are easy to obtain and very available from reputable dealers.

Sun Through Bathing Suits and Vitamin D

Research has suggested that people need to get enough Vitamin D to avoid depression and dysthymic feelings.  And since many people’s’ diets lack enough Vitamin D, often the best way to get enough is through the natural chemical process that occurs when we are exposed to the sun.  When our skin is exposed to the sun directly our body naturally manufactures this nutrient and can make up for us not getting enough of it in our diet.  Enter sun through swimwear with its ability to let the sun’s rays in – does this mean that you can get more vitamin D because you wear it?

Unfortunately there have not been any studies of whether tan thru swimwear would lead people to getting more Vitamin D and therefore a better mood than if they were not using tan through.  Of course logic dictates that this would be the case but it would be nice if there was scientific proof behind that.  It can be assumed that there is at least some effect, but how much cannot be determined without a solid reasearch study.

Now we would be remiss not to mention the paradox involved in using tan through swimwear to get enough Vitamin D, and that is that most people who suffer deficiencies are those who live in regions where there is less sunlight in the winter months – and therefore exactly where it is not practical to wear most currently available tan through swimwear.  Of course there is also tan thru clothing and sportswear, and that may help a little, but there are still few options to sun thru swimwear when it is the middle of winter in those areas and the sunlight is at its weakest.

What we can say is that at least in the fall and spring the Vitamin D producing effects of sun through bathing suits, and perhaps more realistically tan thru clothing, are worth looking in to.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you might consider sun through bathing suits and sun through swimwear!