No Tan Line Swimwear

We cover no tan line swimwear because many people wear fashions that they prefer not to have tan lines for.  Is it worth investing in no tan line bathing suits or or a no tan line bikini?  Of course the answer is simple: A regular bikini or bathing suit does not allow the sun’s rays in in comparison to the no tan line bikini which does, and thereby prevents tan lines. Some swimwear does let a little of the sun’s rays in, but in most cases a normal bikini does not tan through at all, being made of material that is meant to cover you up and last a while.

No Tan Line Swimwear Imposters

If you have seen an ad for a product that claims that their regular bikini does tan through, and it is clear that this product is not using the no tan line swimwear material and technology that we cover here, you may want to be suspicious about quality. In the past the answer to the question “does a regular bikini tan through?” was answered affirmatively by companies who were merely producing products with extra thin material. This material often was almost see-through from the very beginning, and often did not make it through several trips through the washer and dryer. Could there potentially be a suit that actually does allow for some tanning without using specific tan through material?  Sure, but we have not seen it and you should start with a healthy dose of skepticism about this possibility.  Stick with no tan line bathing suits made from tan through fabric.

No Tan Line Swimwear Choices

As you can see elsewhere on our website, no tan line swimwear comes in many choices, each of which has its own positives and negatives:

No tan line bathing suits

These are often one piece choices and in some ways make the most sense within the total no tan lines bathing suits lineup.  With traditional one piece bathing suits a lot is covered up and you are therefore not getting tanned in many places.  No tan line bathing suits allow you to be tan all over while still being modest at the beach or pool.  No tan line bathing suits are fashionable and comfortable, and they may make the biggest difference for you as far as your ability to go tanning while covered up.

No tan line bikinis

No tan line bikinis are not for everyone.  Bikinis already allow for a lot of tanning and for the most part they allow you to subsequently wear fashions that will show off your tan.  That said, bikinis still leave behind some tan lines and if you are considering a strapless or backless outfit you may find that tan lines get in the way.  No tan lines bikinis can prevent that.  Of course you cannot wear your bikini everywhere so no tan line bikinis may be a little more restricted as far as where and when you can wear them

No tan line clothing

Of course no tan line clothing is exciting because they allow you to be more covered up on days where the weather is cooler or in places where you will not be wearing swimwear.  No tan line clothing may not work quite as well as no tan line swimwear, but it still gives a nice option when it comes to avoiding tan lines.

Men’s No Tan Line Swimwear

No tan line swimwear is not just for women.  Men also want to avoid tan lines so this line of products is becoming more available and interesting to men.  Men’s no tan line swimwear includes both bathing suits and clothing, and we’ve even seen hats that let the sun’s rays in.  We provide the same disclaimer d=for men as we do for women when it comes to no tan line swimwear, and that is that sunblock is necessary given that the area that is now getting sun may not be used to that.  Start with a powerful sunblock until the skin that is covered up is the same color as the skin that is not, at which point you can use the same routine for both.

Men’s no tan line swimwear may have the biggest growth curve ahead of it since it is less known.  And if we see more products such as tee shirts and other clothing we could really see an increase.

No Tan Line Bathing Suits Buyer’s Guide

Look for no tan line bathing suits and other no tan line swimwear that is based on a specific fabric technology that allows the sun’s rays in but keeps you completely covered up.  AS we explore on our “Tan Through Fabric” page, this technology involves very small holes that move as you do and allow the sun’s ray’s in.  As we mentioned previously be careful to avoid knock offs that claim to be no tan line swimwear but instead are actually just thin and flimsy, or have holes that do not keep you as covered up as you’d like. Here are some additional tips to buying no tan line swimwear:

  1. Do not skimp on fashion.  If you consider all your choices you should be able to find a product that has this great fabric technology but also looks great.
  2. Compare prices when it comes to online retailers.  Many different outlets are selling certain brands, and often the prices vary as well.
  3. Make sure you know the return policy.  Some return policies for swimwear are more strict than return policies for clothing, so choose carefully.
  4. You may want to choose a brand that has a larger line of bathing suits and/or clothing.  If you like the product you may want to buy additional clothing or suits.
  5. Know how you will need to care for your product.  If you do not want to go through as many steps by the product that is easiest to care for.
  6. In some cases you may be able to get a discount for a large purchase, or perhaps for referring a friend.

These are just some basic tips for buying no tan line swimwear and clothing.  Please feel free to share your own ideas in our comments section.

No Tan Lines Bathing Suits Choices

Once you have found a no tan lines bathing suits line that you like, make sure that other buyers have found their experience with that brand or store satisfactory by looking to sites that provide unbiased reviews.  Also pay attention to social media for reviews by search “no tan lines swimwear” or “no tan lines bathing suits” at popular sites.  Finally seek the answers to questions such as what is the return policy at the store, how long have they been in business, and if they are a distributor how they choose their products.

After you have done all of that home work it is time to compare prices and look for deals.  Keep in mind that the least expensive no tan line swimwear may not necessarily be the best, and expect to pay a little, but not a lot, more than you’d pay for traditional swimwear.

No Tan Lines Swimwear Summary

At this website we are only covering swimwear made of a specific type of material based on a simple but effective no tan line fashion technology.  There may be other possibilities out there, but we are skeptical about claims that you can get a tan thru effect. We hope that the information here helps you choose a product you will be happy with.

We have more specific information about tan thru swimsuits, tan through clothing, and tan through bathing suit reviews.

If you want to know more about the best way to tan, this is a good guide to tanning and there is also this resource about men’s tanning.

Best of luck finding the no tan line bathing suits that will work best for you, and please come back and let us know how you liked your no tan line swimwear.