About Tan Through Fabric

Tan through fabric seems impossible, doesn’t it?  You are completely covered up, which no one can possibly see through, yet the sun’s rays are getting through and giving you a natural and even tan.  How could this be?  Are these suits actually not as solid as we say, or do they not really work?  Quite the contrary: tan through material works and the technology behind is as fascinating as it is simple.

How Tan Through Fabric Works

The basic technology behind tan through fabric is that it has microscopic pores that allow the sun’s rays through.  These holes are small enough so that the human eye cannot see into them, yet just large enough to let the sun in. Thus you are tanning even when completely covered up.  (This is also why most tan through bathing suits and bikinis have such bright patterns – this gives an added level of protection against the material being see through.  But wait you might say, why would I not look like a leopard with a whole bunch of small spots if I am just tanning where the holes are letting the sun in?  Basically this has to do with the fact that when you are wearing the tan through fabric you are never completely still.  Your natural movements, even if they are slight, make the small holes move just a little.  At the end of the day you have moved just enough so that the tan you get is even.  And you don’t need to pay much attention to this – even if you merely sit still tanning, you are likely moving just a little.

Given the way tan thru technology works, the areas of your skin being exposed to the sun change in small ways as you move.  This is the basic method behind the technology, allowing the sun in without there being too much transparency.  Given this, the parts of your body that are exposed, and the time during which they are exposed changes all the time.  In essence this results in an effect similar to an SPF 6 sunblock.  Now again, remember that while you may only need SPF 6 on those parts of your body that get sun exposure regularly, you may need a higher level on the parts that will be exposed under your suit.  But as long as you keep that in mind you can know that you do get a little protection from your tan thru bathing suit.

Our advice about all of this is to start conservatively and wear enough sunblock at the beginning so you won’t run into trouble, and then back down slowly until you know exactly what you need.  You don;t want to start your summer with a sunburn, especially on private areas that might remind you of that burn every time you sit down!

Tan Thru Material in Practice

There are few differences in how you will use tan through material as opposed to traditional bathing suit fabric, but we do want to mention two aspects that are different.

Tan through fabric and sunscreen

As we’ve mentioned a few times on this site, a person wearing a tan through bathing suit or bikini will need to wear sunscreen since the tan through material will let the sun in to places that are not used to that exposure.  You can end up with quite a sunburn if you just wear a tan through swimsuit with no protection underneath.  Yet there is a completely different way of looking at the relationship between tan through bathing suits and sunscreen: They actually provide some protection once you are already tan or if you don’t need too much sunscreen to avoid a sunburn.

Depending on the quality of the tan through fabric you have chosen, your tan through fabric bathing suit may act a little like a sunscreen because you are not really tanning in each and every place on your skin at the same time.  In other words, a higher quality tan thru fabric may allow for more sun to get through in more places – and this means you really need to remember the sunblock!  You may not need quite as much, but you do need some (in fact, while it is true that fewer rays are getting in, remember that this skin is often not used to any exposure, so this may balance things out.

Let’s start with the fact that even the best tan thru fabric will not let as much of the sun’s rays in as not being covered up at all, so tan through swimwear does provide its own natural sunblock.  All else being equal then, you might not need additional sunblock.  But then again, that skin is not used to sun exposure at all, so even with the tan thru material providing some protection, a bit more is needed.  So where does that leave you, and how much sunblock should you wear under your tan through bathing suit?  Here is a general idea:

1. Take the number of sunblock you need to wear at the beginning of every summer season.

2. Subtract about a third from that number to account for the work that the tan through swimwear material will do in blocking some of the sun’s rays

3. Add back just a few points for the fact that the rest of your body is getting at least a little sun in your day-to-day life before you go to the beach or pool and wear your tan thru bathing suit.

So, for example, if you need to wear sunblock #10 at the beginning of the season usually, with tan thru swimwear, whether a bikini or bathing suit, you’ll need: 10/2 = 5 + 2 = sunblock #7 .

WebMD can help you choose the best sunscreen to wear under your tan though bathing suit.

Tan through material limitations

There are imitators and other technologies of course.  The main technologies that compete with the basic tan thru fabric basically use very thin material to allow you to tan easily.  They then use very bright colors to try to ensure they are not see-through as well as tan-through.  Unfortunately this rarely works and most of these suits are flimsy and not very durable.  Worse, they are sometimes see-through despite their best efforts.  There are also other swimsuits that try to strategically eliminate tan lines where you don’t want them.  These suits are perfectly fine – in fact sometimes quite nice – but they do not have the same effect of allowing a full body overall tan that allows you not to think at all about what you will wear next.  There are no tan lines anywhere with true tan through.

Tan Through Fabric Advantages

The most important benefit of tan through fabric is quite obviously that it allows you to get a full body tan while being completely covered up.  This would likely be enough for many people, given that traditional bathing suits do not offer this benefit.  Yet the tan thru technology in these bikinis and bathing suits offers another great benefit in that it keeps you very cool on a hot day.

The tan through fabric has tiny holes in it that are not perceptible (do not make the bathing suit see through) but do allow the sun’s rays in as the holes move slightly as you move.  These tiny holes also let air in, allowing you to feel almost as if you are wearing one less layer of clothing at the beach.  This can make a big difference in your level of comfort on a particularly hot day.  As you move it is almost like you are wearing less than one layer, and a breeze of air is allowed in to your skin.

Tan thru bathing suits and bikinis not only will allow you to get a great tan, with no tan lines and no worries about whether the outfit you choose that night will expose areas that did not tan though, but they will also provide you added comfort while you are wearing them – an added benefit that may be worthwhile on its own.  And guys, don’t forget that we are also talking to you when we mention these benefits – and given that men’s bathing suits tend to be heavier and bulkier than bikinis, it may be an even greater benefit to you that this material leaves you so cool.

Tan thru bathing suits and bikinis may surprise you for all their benefits and how advanced the technology is, even beyond the basic fact that they allow you to tan through!

Tan Through Material Care

A common question about tan through swimwear at this time of year is how they should be cared for when they will not be used for a few months.  Whether a tan thru bikini or bathing suit, or a cover up or other tan through clothing, there are ways you can make sure your garment lasts as long as possible.  The good news however is that this is actually quite easy.

First, make sure that after the last time you wear your tan through swimwear it is completely dry.  Never put away a tan thru bathing suit or bikini when there is any moisture at all because the suit could get ruined by mold or mildew if so.  Whether you sun dry your tan thru swimwear or use a dryer, make sure it is truly dried out.  Then put your tan thru swimwear away where it will not be exposed to any dust or moisture, the former could cause stains and the latter of course could cause mold.  Neatly putting your tan through swimwear in a drawer is fine, but leaving it sitting on a shelf at the bottom of your closet may be a problem.

You should also carefully wash your tan thru bathing suit or bikini before you put it away for the months between beach seasons.  Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions carefully but do wash it so any small stains or imperfections that can be washed out are addressed before they have a chance to set in.  And this will also make sure that any small problems that could cause the tan through material to smell are also washed out.

It’s all that simple – store your tan thru swimwear dry and clean, and away from anything that could change that, and next year when the temperature rises your bathing suit or bikini will be ready for use!

Look for a bathing suit or bikini that is made of traditional tan thru fabric material.  You will be satisfied with the quality, durability and thickness of this incredible innovation called tan through fabric!.