Tan Through Shirts

Tan Through Shirts Buyer’s Guide

Tan through shirts  are growing in popularity and availability.  Other products that are popular have been thoroughly covered here, from bikinis to bathing suits and everything in between.  But this is not the end of the tan thru line-up.  As the technology behind these innovative products gets perfected, we expect to see new and exciting products emerge that can be worn outside of the summer season, and that is where tan through shirts come in.  These new tan thru products may cover a different part of the body or be wearable during different seasons or activities.  We want to cover what might come next, what the next big products might be in this area and that starts with tan through shirts.

Tan Through Shirts Overview

Tan through shirts are a natural next step in this exciting fashion technology.  As people get more interested in and pleased by tan thru swimwear, we expect that the call for new products that can be worn away from the beach of pool will be strong.  And given that the material has been perfected and the price has come down, it would be no surprise to see these new products at any time.  As this swimwear grows in popularity, so will the number of people who want to hold on to the full body tan they were able to get.  Enter tan thru shirts.

A tan thru shirt may not work quite as well as tan thru bathing suits and bikinis since the latter fit tightly on the skin and allow the technology the easiest means to allowing the sun’s rays in.  And your body position matters, with a lying down position where the sun is overhead allowing for the most direct capture of the sun’s rays.  But we still expect that the tan through shirts will work well, at least providing some  tanning benefits when wearing a bathing suit and lying on the beach or near the pool is not possible.

There are tan through shirts for men and women available now, and it seems as though both genders may find great utility in them.  In fact tan through shirts for men may be particularly popular given that there may be places that women can wear a tan thru top with no problem but men need to wear a shirt.

Tan Through Shirt Cover Ups

Tan through swimsuits and other swimwear have become the staple product that uses tan through technology, and they have become highly fashionable, effective, and durable. Tan through swimwear has progressed to the point that you have likely seen someone wearing a bikini or bathing suit that was tan through and you had no idea. The prices have also come down significantly. So what will be the next trend be in tan through? We think tan through shirt cover-ups.

When it is a little cooler at the beach or pool, or when you want to be a little more covered up, there are many options such as long shirts and beach skirts that you can wear. Unfortunately you could lose out on the tanning potential during these times – even when it is a little cloudy or slightly cool, you can still get a nice tan.

Tan through shirt cover ups solve this problem, allowing you to be warm and covered up, and still tanning through. Tan through shirt  cover ups, just like their tan through swimsuit cousins, are fashionable and durable. And also just like tan through swimwear, cover ups allow you to get a nice even tan – in this case even on a cooler day!

Tan Through Shirt Caution

We can’t say it enough, so we will say it again: If you are going to wear a tan through shirt or bathing suit, you absolutely must put sunscreen on underneath. It does not feel natural or normal to put sunscreen under a cover up or bathing suit. However, keep in mind that tan through shirts and bathing suits present a double challenge. First, the skin that this tan through material is covering is not used to getting any sun at all – even passive sun that you might get walking around outside. Second, since the whole idea is to eliminate tan lines, if you wear sunscreen on other parts of your body – and even if you don’t burn under your tan thru shirt – you will still have two colors of skin.

Other Tan Through Clothing

Some possibilities beyond tan through shirts for new products that allow the wearer to tan through include:

1. Tan thru sportswear that can be worn comfortably during sports competitions.  A tan through shirt for soccer or basketball jersey might be indistinguishable from a traditional jersey, but your tan afterwards will tell the tale.  In fact, any outdoor sport would do well with a tan through shirt or pair of shorts, and if everyone wore them you’d have the best looking tanned team afterwards!  In fact, we are guessing that we could even see tan through shirts that are winter sportswear as well, for skiing and skating.

2. Tan thru hats and bandanas would allow you to stay fashionable, if these accessories are your style, while still getting a nice tan on the parts of you that they cover up.  These products may become particularly popular with men who shave their heads or have bladed, but would also allow women to wear a hat without getting a tan line of their upper forehead.  Tan thru clothes in the form of hats and bandanas would also ensure that even if you are wearing something on your head, the sun’s rays still get through.

3. Tan thru socks are a natural addition to the line-up of products that allow you to completely tan through, given that there may be times that wearing socks is appropriate but you do not want to have sock lines in your tan.  Tan through socks might be particularly interesting to athletes playing a team sport or runners who want to tan all over while on a jog.  Socks, again, could be part of the wardrobe for non-summer sports as well.

 4. Tan through dresses would work well if the dress is a light one made for a more informal purpose.  Outdoor events on nice summer days would not hold you back from getting that even tan.  Women would not have to sacrifice getting a tan on a beautiful sunny day when they have to go to an event or outing.   Instead they could wear a pretty dress and still tan through.  Everyone needs a short black dress?  Well make it a tan through dress and that’s even better.

5. Tan through wraps and other cover-ups would likely be popular with those who want to stretch the time of year when tanning is possible, allowing the wearer to stay warm while getting a nice tan.  These wraps and cover-ups would be perfect to wear at any outdoor event or just around in general.  Wraps and cover-ups are already popular, why not get one that allows you to tan through?

Tan Through Shirts: Your Feedback

We would love to hear from anyone who buys a tan through clothing product that is not a bathing suit or bikini to see what your experience was about their effectiveness, fashion, and comfort.  These products will be new and innovative, and will require some experience behind them before we or anyone else can fully embrace them.  There is no question that they will work to some degree – the fashion technology behind them is too solid – but it remains to be seen how well they will work, especially those that will be worn in the off-season months.  Best of luck if you do try one of the new and innovative tan through shorts or shirts!

Clearly tan thru swimwear is here to stay, but are we on the verge of a total revolution that includes year-round tan through shirts and shorts?