Solar Swimwear

Solar swimwear is more and more popular right now not only because the technology behind it has been improved so much, but also because the price has come down and they are even more fashionable. While solar bathing suits and solar bikinis still do not appear in many bricks and mortar stores that you might go to, and still appear to be a specialty item for the most part, they are better known and come in more styles and fashions than ever. Our website is designed to follow this exciting fashion technology and give information and advice if you are interested in buying one. It is also designed to be something of a user’s guide after you have made your purchase, giving you information and advice about care and maintenance, and of course the use of solar swimwear. We are not an affiliate site of any store or manufacturer, so we do not directly benefit from your purchase, and we will not promote any one brand or type of tan through bikini or swimwear product.

This website is the sister site of a larger tan through swimwear and clothing website, and we broke this one off because of the particular popularity of solar and our desire to cover them in more detail. If you’ve come here looking for other tan through products, from one piece bathing suits to clothing to men’s tan through products you may want to visit the parent site. But if you are looking for comprehensive and independent information and advice about solar bathing suits in particular, you’ve come to the right place.

Solar Swimwear Overview

Solar bathing suits are a relatively new product that has seen many improvements in a short period of time. While there are actually many products that claim to allow you to tan through the fabric, for our purposes we are referring to a specific product and fashion technology that has very tiny holes that allow the sun’s rays in and shift a little when you move. These are not just bikinis made from light material that is so thin that the sun’s rays get through, nor are they swimwear that is just cut in a way that minimizes the look of tan lines. With a solar bikini you will literally get a tan directly from the sun even if you are covered up.

Choices in Solar Bathing Suits

There are more choices now than ever as far as where to purchase your solar swimwear and what style and colors to choose. This blog is designed to help you narrow these choices, though as an independent and unbiased site we do not promote any particular manufacturer or store. It is our belief that if you understand the underlying technology and you get some information about how this swimwear is made and what might make one brand better than another you can be an educated consumer and truly choose the product that is the best fit for your needs. Solar bathing suits are a great option for many people, though they are not for everyone and given that you likely want to be careful with how you spend your clothing “budget”.

Buying Solar Bathing Suits

One challenge you might face if you decide to buy solar bathing suits for your swimwear wardrobe is that the largest selection is online. In fact, it may be challenging to find these products at bricks and mortar stores at all. Thus you will be faced with the possibility of having to buy a product that you really want to fit perfectly without being able to try on different brands, sizes and styles. This is why people may find that when they find a brand and fit they like they continue to buy that one. Here is what to look for if you are shopping on-line for solar bikinis or bathing suits:

1. Look for a store that has a generous return policy. You really need to be able to return a product such as a bikini, especially after your first order when you are seeing the fit and comfort of that particular brand. Assess whether returns are made easy and how much they cost (do you have to pay for shipping the item back?). The return policy may help you choose among different retailers.

2. See whether the store has different styles that you might like, since if you like your initial purchase and the fit and comfort are right, you may want to return over and over to build your wardrobe. This factor may not be vital since you may be happy with just a couple of solar bikinis, but it can be a nice thing to know you can return many times.

3. Compare prices, at least to a degree. Of course you may be willing to pay a little more for a better product, but if you can compare apples to apples as far as the quality of the solar swimwear you are looking at there may be differences in price that are significant. Of course you should also look for deals such as sales and coupons, and a store that has these more frequently may be favored.

4. Finally, look for other aspects of the store such as their customer service, whether they also sell other tan through products, and how often they seem to update their stock. These may not be as important when you are considering a point in time purchase, but they can be factors that help you choose between two different stores.

These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a store, and especially an online merchant when you are purchasing solar swimwear.

Solar Bikini and Bathing Suit Use

Solar bikinis and swimwear are great beachwear that can obviously be worn whether the sun is shining or not. In fact, keep in mind that you can tan when the sun is partially or even fully obstructed. You may want to wear a little sunblock underneath your suit given that that skin has likely not been exposed to the sun as much as skin that is not covered up. Since it is actually a fashion technology that allows you to tan through these bathing suits and not just the fact that they are thin, you do not have to worry about when and where you use them. And since they have become more fashionable recently you might even choose to wear them indoors. You do not have to have two sets of bathing suits just because your solar swimwear is primarily designed for outside.

You should follow the care instructions carefully for your solar bikini or bathing suit. They are likely not too much different from the instructions for any other high quality bikini product, but since you have invested perhaps a little more money into these suits, and you will like them and want them to last, you will want to make sure that you are caring for them. There may be restrictions on how often you wash them and especially about how often and how you dry them. You will want to carefully store them during the off-season. It should not be too hard to follow the use and care instructions, so we recommend that you do so carefully.

Solar Bathing Suit Q&A

How does tan through material work?

Tan through material is a fashion technology involving many small holes or pores in the fabric. These holes allow the sun’s rays in, but are small enough so that the suit is not see through. Your natural movements move the holes just a little allowing your tan underneath to develop evenly

Do I need to wear sunblock when I wear solar swimwear?

Yes, you should wear sunblock, and while the suit offers about half the protection that you’d get if you were not covered up at all, that can be balanced by the fact that the skin underneath is not accustomed to being exposed to the sun at all. So especially when you first start wearing a solar bikini you should be careful and wear string sunblock. Once you have a base tan you can begin to lower the spf.

Are solar swimsuits see-through?

Solar bikinis and bathing suits are not see through, whether they are wet or dry or whether you are indoors or out. They will feel quite light and are very comfortable, but they are not see through.

Will solar swimwear be comfortable to wear.

Not only is the tan through material quite smooth and comfortable, but these suits dry very quickly and breathe well, adding to your overall comfort.

Can I wear my solar bikini in a tanning bed?

Yes, you can wear your solar bikini at a tanning salon, but just like when you are outside you need to make sure you are wearing skin protection.

Solar Swimwear Review

This solar bikini and swimwear review will go over a few of the more popular brands and websites where you can buy this exciting swimwear. We want to give you a well-rounded approach to solar swimwear. Please note that there are no “affiliate links” from our information below to the sites – in other words, we are not profiting when you click. This review is independent and unbiased, and we want to be clear that while the stores and manufacturers we include in our review are good, there may be others as well. The purpose of this, then, is to point out some examples of sites and brands, and also to let you know how to vet them and others yourself.

Solar Bikini and Bathing Suit Overview

Let’s start by explaining how we choose which sites and brands to include in our solar swimwear review. There are actually five different factors we use:

  1. The site or brand must use advanced tan through material. In other words, we are not covering tan through swimwear where the product is merely thin enough to allow for tanning to take place. We are interested in those products that use the micro pore technology that we talk about here.
  2. The site or brand must be reasonably well established. Some newer sites and brands may be good, and we might include them, but we do want to see some track record that suggests that we can safely refer our readers to them.
  3. The price must be reasonable. We might cover some higher priced brands in our solar bikini and bathing suit but only to a point. If it looks like the value is way off we might very well leave that product out.
  4. Customer service must be reasonably good. This means everything from making the process of buying a bathing suit easy, to being responsive after the purchase.

Aside from that we use some gut-level factors. Everything from what looks good to where there appears to be a good selection of solar bathing suits and bikinis. We also look for a website that seems to be updated now and frequently has new content. The results is what we hope is a well-rounded look at solar swimwear, and a review of the top places to buy.

Solar Bathing Suit and Bikini Stores

The following are the stores that we would recommend as far as where to buy your solar bikinis and bathing suits. Please remember that we are not an affiliate site, so we do not profit when you click one of these links. That allows us to remain independent and unbiased in the information we share and the reviews we provide. Also, while we are listing stores that sell tan through bikinis and related products, that does not mean that there might not be other good ones as well. This list of good stores may not be comprehensive.

Cooltan is clearly the king in the world of tan through swimwear, and this holds if you are looking for tan thru bikinis. This site has an excellent selection, helpful features, good deals (such as free shipping if you buy two products) and related products if you want to build your tan through wardrobe. They may be the biggest and also the best, and their volume helps them keep their prices in a very reasonable range. A helpful sizing chart can be useful for your first purchase when you want to be sure you buy the right product. Cooltan is a great choice for your tan through bikini purchase.

Kiniki is also a strong site for your solar swimwear purchase. They have an excellent selection, a strong return policy, and even a Q&A page to help you get to know your swimwear. They have a newsletter and a journal that help you stay up to date with the news about solar and related swimwear. This site is based in the UK and therefore better for those ordering there. We are also impressed not only by the variety of colors at Kiniki but also the variety of cuts, some of which may be more flattering than a traditional bikini cut.

Amazon of course is a great website to shop for a variety of brands and distributors of solar bikinis, bathing suits, and related products. Of course one of the great things about Amazon is that you can in many cases also get independent and unedited customer reviews not only of the products but also the stores. Amazon can be a great site to comparison shop, but you do need to make sure that you are truly getting solar bathing suits and bikinis that use the technology that we cover here, and not just flimsy material or an alternative method

Swim Outlet could be a great place to buy solar bikinis and swimwear particularly if you are looking to purchase other beachwear as well. This is quite a comprehensive website for all your swimwear needs, and they also offer some high quality tan thru products. This site offers a very wide variety of brands and has an excellent search function. And beyond swimwear you can even buy your beach gear, electronics related to summer activities and general summer clothing there

These are certainly not the only places where you can buy your solar swimwear products, and we will continually update this review as we find and explore other websites.

Solar Swimwear Conclusions

We hope you will share your own experience buying solar swimwear from any of these or other retailers. We will also continue to look for the best places to buy your swimwear and related items. This field is growing and changing, and we want to be your source for the latest information and advice. Please check in when you can and provide feedback so we can continue to update our information.

Of course we have more general information about tan through swimwear for women and tan thru mens swimwear.

Solar are growing in popularity and it is no surprise given that they have improved in effectiveness, style, and range of fashion. If you have not tried solar swimwear recently, or tried one before the technology and fashion were perfected, you may want to look again and see whether a solar bathing suit and/or solar bikini is for you!