Tan Through Swimwear

Tan through swimwear is now available that allow you to look completely covered up in a fashionable and comfortable way, while still tanning through. In other words, you will have no tan lines and look perfectly tanned all over.  But you are wearing your great looking tan through bikini, swimwear, or clothing!  This technology is as good as it sounds, and is not merely flimsy material – tan thru swimwear is a true fashion technology, perfected over the years.

This innovative technology is as good-looking as it is cool.  Tan thru swimwear, clothing or a bikini will look absolutely no different from a normal suit.  In fact the designers of many brands were so talented they often look better.  Tan through bathing suits, bikinis, and clothing is made for both men and women. Just make sure to put sunblock on all-over when wearing your tan through clothing!  You may be quite surprised at the quality of the tan you get from a tan thru swimwear product.  Some people forget they are wearing it and are pleasantly surprised by the results when they take it off.

Tan Through Swimwear Websites

Tan through swimwear, clothing and bikinis are becoming increasingly popular, effective, and fashionable.  If you are interested in learning more about this technology and fashion, you’ve come to the right place!  Originally, tan through swimwear, clothing, and bikinis were not fashionable and did not work well.  They were also quite thin and not very durable.  Now, however, tan through swimwear, clothing and bikinis look great, and last as long as traditional bathing suits.  The only reason you may need to replace your tan thru swimwear is because you will wear it so much more than traditional bathing suits

With many sites out there about tan through swimwear what makes our site different?  We do not sell these products or any other clothing.  We can present honest and unbiased information and advice about these exciting products.  We’re here because we are excited about thus true fashion technology.  However, we have no stake in whether you choose a tan through swimwear product.  There are cheap tan thru swimwear products available but not all work well.  You need to be able to discriminate.

Tan Thru Swimwear Site Guide

Our site is divided into the following sections about tan through swimwear and clothing (navigation to the left or top):

Tan through bikinis: answers many common questions people have about this particular type of swimwear.  This includes as how durable, expensive and effective it is.  If you are looking for more information, some of which you may be quite pleasantly surprised about, this is the place.

Tan thru swimwear overview: takes a more detailed look at specific tan through swimwear available.  This provides a guide for those wanting to buy.  We do not feature any particular brands.  We do, however, help you choose which purchase may be right for you.

Tan through clothing: looks at shirts, tees, shorts, and even accessories like hats.  Can these tan through products work for you away from the beach or pool?

Tan through buyer’s guide: Here we give you the specific information you need to choose a product.

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Please come back often.  We will be introducing the latest tan thru swimwear fashions in 2017 as they come out.  We also hope that those of you who do invest in tan thru swimwear will share your experience.  Use our contact page so that we can post and share it.

Try tan thru swimwear today! No one will know you are wearing one, but they will wonder where your tan lines went when you wear that strapless outfit!

Tan Thru Swimwear Today:

It is never too early to look ahead and predict what the market might be like for tan thru swimwear next summer.  Of course the obvious expectation is that tan thru swimwear, including bathing suits and bikinis, will continue to grow in popularity.  We are likely to see new fashions and prints, and an over all greater selection of tan through swimwear.  But what else may be on the horizon?

Tan through swimwear advancements

One potential advancement in tan thru clothing would be more advanced tee shirts and tank tops made from this material.  While we see some products now, they vary in durability and effectiveness at allowing an even tan through the material.  That said, these t-shirts and tanks have become very popular despite their limitations, so any advancement could help them truly take off!

Another potential advancement in tan thru clothing are shorts for women.  On a slightly cooler day at the beach, or when playing a beach sport or taking a walk, women may want to be more covered up.  But at the same time it would be nice not to have tan lines where the shorts cover.  There will be plenty of days where bathing suits and bikinis will be the norm.  Quality tan thru clothing such as shorts are a great answer.

Finally, we predict that there will be a niche market among men for tan thru hats.  Those who have shaved heads certainly do not want tan lines in their head, so a hat that allows them to tan thru could be just the thing.  It’s already possible to use tan through material in a bandana that can wrap the head, but some men prefer caps and that is where we see a small opening for the companies in this niche.

Here are lots of pictures of tan through swimwear

Tan Thru Swimwear Products

Although we call our site “Tan Through Swimwear” and a majority of what we cover are tan through bikinis and bathing suits, there are also many more products on the market now that are not just for the beach or pool.  Thus, in addition to tan thru swimwear we will also be covering”

  • Tan through shorts for both men and women: Although they do work a bit better if they are tight to the skin, tan thru shorts can also be looser and therefore more fashionable for those who do not want to wear something so tight.  Men, in particular, have often shied away from tan through shorts.  They did not want something so tight, and new products this may provide an answer.
  • Tan through shirts and tank tops: There are many times that it is not possible to wear tan through swimwear, such as sporting events and other outdoor activities.  And at the same time you might want to be getting the benefits of tan thru.  Enter shirts and tank tops that provide the same benefit.
  • Tan thru bandanas and hats: Men who are bald (whether on purpose or not) and women who like to wear fashionable headdresses might want to look into tan through headwear that will allow them to look good but not have tan lines that are quite obvious.
  • New innovations – could we see tan through blankets, or tan thru sun dresses, or other ways to allow people to be tanning while still covered up?  If we hear of anything new we will make sure to post it right away!
  • Plus size tan thru swimwear is available now.  In the past only bikinis were popular as far as tan through swimwear.  Now there are plus size tan thru swimwear products and everything in between.

Tan Through Swimwear Benefits

The idea of wearing a fashionable bikini, bathing suit, shorts, or shirt and at the same time tanning through is quite exciting in itself.  Add the fact that this beachwear is comfortable and durable may make the decision easy for anyone considering tan through swimwear.  And all over this website you’ve read about how this fashion technology works and how interesting it is.  You may already be sold, yet we also wanted to present some of the lesser known advantages and benefits of tan thru swimwear here:

Tan through swimwear is like sunscreen

Tan thru swimwear can be worn at the tanning salon if you like to be a bit covered up when tanning but also want to minimize your tan lines.  Your tan through swimwear will act like a 5 or 6 spf sunscreen in the tanning booth, so it may not be perfect but it may also help prevent you from burning if that skin has not been exposed to much sunlight yet.  For those who like to be a little covered up in the tanning bed, tan through swimwear may be a great option.

Tan thru swimwear is comfortable

Tan thru swimwear material dries quite quickly.  This may not be the main goal of this type of fashion technology, but it is certainly a secondary benefit.  Even on a hot day where the sun is behind thick clouds you may find yourself reaching for your tan thru bathing suit or shirt to wear for the pool or beach because it dries so quickly.

Men’s tan through swimwear has improved

Men’s tan through swimwear no longer has to be so tight.  Some would say that the tighter tan through shorts work better.  This may be true.  However, newer styles that are more fashionable for men are not nearly as tight as the initial ones.  Of course they still allow the sun’s rays through.  Men may have initially resisted tan through swimwear.  Now they can return because the bathing suits are much more in line with today’s fashions.

Why we cover tan thru swimwear:

Thank you for visiting our site.  We have been providing independent information and advice about tan thru swimwear, bikinis, and clothing since 2008.  Over time we are finding that companies are using tan thru clothing material in more ways.  Certainly it is not just for swimwear anymore!  In addition, tan thru material is becoming more comfortable and fashionable.  We felt that the best way to keep you up-to-date and informed about this exciting technology is to start a blog.  Enjoy!

We are not a distributor of tan thru swimwear or clothing products of any kind, so we cannot give you advice on where to buy a tan through swimwear.  However, please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback about our site or would like your quote to appear on our “Your Feedback” page.

Tan Through Swimwear Update:

We are not surprised by the popularity of tan thru swimwear, bikinis, and clothing as the 2015 summer beach season begins, given how far the technology has come and perhaps more importantly how much the prices have come down.  What we are surprised about, however, is the new groups of people who seem to be attracted to these bathing suits.  We are seeing more men buying tan thru swimwear and a general expansion in age of the women who are looking into a tan through bikini, clothing or swimwear.

Neither of these trends is that surprising, even if they are fairly sudden.  Men have always shows an interest in tanning.  The likely reason why they have not been interested in tan through clothing, swimwear or a bikini.  Their normal swimwear does not cover up that much to begin with.  In other words their whole upper body is already exposed.  However, now that we are seeing more tan through shirts and tank tops, men are turning to this fashion technology.  It is a way to get tanned even when it is cooler out or wearing a shirt is necessary.  Also, as men’s bathing suits have gotten longer in style, men may be more attracted to tan thru swimwear.  Their highly covered upper legs can tan through.

The tan through swimwear market

Of course we are also seeing women who are older than 20-somethings using tan thru bikini or bathing suit.  This may simply be the fact that these women are carrying their interest into their 30s.  It may also be that women in their 30s are realizing that having a nice even tan does not have to be a 20-something ideal.  No matter what the reason, the trend is clear.  Part of the reason is that there is cheap tan thru swimwear available that is high quality.

Let us know what your experience is with tan thru swimwear.  Thanks for visiting our website about tan through swimwear, bikinis and clothing!